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Empowering Clients in Couples Therapy

Posted by Dan Wile, PhD on 10/7/10 - 5:50 PM
When I do couple therapy, I bring partners in on my concerns about what is happening in the session. If I am concerned that one partner might feel I’m siding against him or her, I might say, “Ben, I’ve just realized I spent more time today developing Lisa’s position today than I have yours. Is that your sense, too? And if so, do you feel left out or sided against or ganged up on?” The person (here Ben) often responds...
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Ethical and Legal Issues in Telephone Therapy

With today’s technology we are an ever mobile yet increasingly connected society. For example, a client who you have been treating in office and perhaps with a few phone sessions when he was stuck downtown at his office has now relocated out of state and wants to continue his therapy sessions. With telephone, Skype and e-mail, why not? Why not expand your practice and “see” patients across the country, especially if you have expertise in an area of treatment? ...
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A Psychotherapist Returning from Vacation

Posted by Victor Yalom, PhD on 8/30/10 - 10:52 PM

It’s been twenty-plus years now of returning from some sort of summer vacation to resume seeing clients.  I wake up this morning, still unsettled from my dream life, reminded that my own anxiety, seemingly under wraps, is not too far from the surface. As I mentally ready myself to go back to work, images and memories seep in from prior years: early in my career nervously wondering whether any clients would return; other times eagerly anticipating seeing a specific client or...
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