Sound Screens

Ensure confidentiality & privacy with Sound Screens! Sound screens, also known as white noise machines or sound filters, are essential whether you have a private, group or agency psychotherapy practice. They put you and your clients at ease knowing that all that is said in the room stays in the room! Sound screens are placed just outside your office and create a white noise that filters out any noise that might come through your office door. You can also place them in your waiting room, the hallway or in the entryway of a building.

Our sound screens come in three different models, depending on your needs. They work exclusively with US-type electrical outlets.
Please note that returns for sound filters are allowed only in case of a defective product. 


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Marsona® DS-600
  • Allows you to choose your sound: Surf, Rain, Waterfall, Brook, Lake Shore, or Country Eve
  • Creates a relaxing environment in your waiting room to put your clients at ease
  • 110V/US Outlets only

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  • Known as "the original" sound conditioner patented over 40 years ago and popular among psychotherapists
  • Economic and reliable single speed
  • 110V/US Outlets only

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  • Economic and reliable
  • Dual speed allows you more control over tone and volume
  • 110V/US Outlets only