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October 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Almost every time I publish a new video, article, or interview I learn something new. Not just a new fact or two—because that’s not what our work is about—but something that really informs my understanding of the human condition, and of the craft of psychotherapy.

Eating Disorders Among Middle-Aged Women
Take eating disorders. We're all certainly aware of the high prevalence of eating disorders among teenage and young adult women. But I really never stopped to think that it is common among older women as well. I could argue that I haven't treated many clients with eating disorders, but after reading our Interview with Margo Maine on the Eating Disorder Epidemic Among Middle Aged Women, I wonder… many have I missed? And what other nuances of women (and men) regarding food and body image have I been clueless about? Read this compelling discussion, and hopefully you’ll find it enlightening as well.
1.5 CE credits available.

Tea with Freud
If you could sit down and discuss your cases with any of the legends in our field, whom would you choose? Psychiatrist Steve Sandler imagines traveling over the Atlantic and back in time to consult with the father of our field in Tea with Freud: An Imaginary Conversation about How Psychotherapy Really Works. Read our exclusive excerpt and be entertained and intrigued.
Videos Videos Videos
We’re pleased to announce publication of the series, Psychotherapy Essentials to Go, containing the following titles:

As always, you see leaders in our field skillfully demonstrating psychotherapy techniques and discussing their work. The most economical way to watch these and any of our 300 plus videos is via our Netflix-style subscription service.

Passing of Zerka Moreno
Just as we were about to send off this newsletter, we got word of the death of Zerka Moreno at the age of 99. Zerka was co-founder (with Jacob Levy Moreno), of psychodrama, and an extraordinary practitioner and teacher. She had an incredible spirit, and I was honored to cross paths with her on a number of occasions. I first encountered her when I had a chance to interview her, and later when we produced a series of psychodrama videos together. Goodbye Zerka, I will miss you, and I know the psychodrama community will grieve your passing and feel your absence.

Blogs and Cartoon
We have several new blogs, including Dreamwork in Stereo and The Rolling Stones and the Age of Anxiety. Plus, I offer you a new cartoon which I suspect may tickle you.

I know you haven’t heard from us in a while, but that doesn’t mean we’ve taken the summer off. In fact, we’ve been working hard on a number of major projects, including the definitive course on Emotionally Focused Therapy Step by Step, Motivational Interviewing for Adolescents, an in-depth series with Irvin Yalom, and a new family therapy video with our dear friend Monica McGoldrick. So stay tuned—more to come!

Until next time,


Victor Yalom, PhD
President and Founder
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