Food for the Soul

Food for the Soul

by Myrtle Heery

Dr. Heery travels to Russia at the summoning of her soul, and rediscovers the living moment.
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A Call and Response to Feed My Soul

It is easy to know when the body needs food: our stomach growls, our energy level drops, or that "time of day" creeps around. But how do we know when our soul needs food? Do we take more vacations internally? Do we wish or want to be somewhere else? Are we available to hear the hunger call from the soul, and if we hear it, how do we respond as psychotherapists? How do psychotherapists feed their souls?
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Myrtle HeeryMyrtle Heery, PhD, M.F.T. has a private psychotherapy practice in Petaluma, California, and is the director of the International Institute for Humanistic Studies ( She conducts training for psychotherapists in the United States and internationally, and publishes in existential-humanistic and transpersonal psychology. In addition, she and her husband are learning more about life from their teenage son.
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