Psychotherapy Videos and DVDs for Teaching, Training, Self Study and Continuing Education

Women's Issues

The Abused Woman: A Survivor Therapy Approach
by Lenore Walker
Learn practical, hands-on skills to increase your confidence in helping the challenging population of victims and survivors of domestic violence--both in terms of immediate crisis management, and longer term, depth-oriented psychotherapy.

Part of the 8-video series: Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorders

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Feminist Therapy
by Lenore Walker
Watch Lenore Walker expertly demonstrate her feminist therapy approach in an actual therapy session in this 3-part video.

Part of the 15-video series: Psychotherapy with the Experts

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"My Kids Don't Appreciate Me": REBT with a Single Mother
by Janet Wolfe

See REBT in action in an actual therapy session with a single mother struggling to effectively parent her teenage children.

Part of the 4-video series: REBT In Action.


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Survival from Domestic Violence: Stories of Hope and Healing
by Angelea Panos
Watch the stories and reflections of women who transformed their lives after escaping domestic violence. 

Expressive Arts Therapy in Action
by Natalie Rogers
Discover the transformative power of moving beyond words as Natalie Rogers demonstrates person-centered expressive arts therapy in two remarkable sessions with a woman struggling with a career decision.

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Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Eating Disorders and Obesity
by Timothy Bruce, Arthur Jongsma, Jr.
Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and pose immense challenges to clinicians, family members and, most of all, clients. Learn how to create a clear, well-developed treatment plan to sustain your efforts and maximize your chances for a successful outcome in this comprehensive video.
Part of the 12-video series: Evidence-Based Treatment Planning

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Society, Relationships, and Pleasure: An Interview with Dr. Carol Gilligan
by Carol Gilligan
Watch one of feminist psychology’s most renowned theorists discuss how psychotherapy can combat the ills of patriarchy. In this engaging interview, Dr. Carol Gilligan reflects on feminism, emotional honesty, mother-child relationships, and the conflicted role of pleasure in women’s lives.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy: A Case of Postpartum Depression
by Scott Stuart
What, exactly, is Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and how is it applied across populations? Watch Scott Stuart, MD, present the core elements of this evidence-based method in a course of therapy with a woman dealing with postpartum depression.

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