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Jacob Moreno

Jacob Levy Moreno: His Life and his Muses
by Jacob Moreno
Chock full of interviews with some of the most important people in J.L. Moreno’s life, this video will be a treat for Moreno fans, old and new alike. (Optional Spanish & Portuguese subtitles)

Moreno Movies: 4-Video Series
See actual historical footage of J.L. Moreno conducting Psychodrama sessions!  This series has been painstakingly reassembled from film from Moreno's production company, and is a treat for students, fans, and practitioners of Psychodrama.

Psychodrama in Action, 1960's
by Jacob Moreno
This movie takes place in a mental hospital in California; it was produced in the 1960's when Moreno was touring the state. 

Psychodrama of a Marriage (around 1948)
by Jacob Moreno
See the legendary founder of psychodrama in action in this painstaking restored historic footage.

Part of the 4-video series: Moreno Movies

Psychodrama of a Marriage: A Motion Picture
by Jacob Moreno
This movie was shot in Paris during the First International Congress of Psychodrama. It was produced by Radio and Television Center of France in September, 1964.

Spontaneity Training and Role Re-Training and Introduction to Psychodrama