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Death and Dying

Death, Dying and Grief in Psychotherapy (2-Video Set)
by Milton Viederman
Therapists of all orientations will benefit from seeing how psychoanalytic and psychodynamic principles can be effectively adapted to short-term therapy with clients and patients facing issues of grief, death and dying. 

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Confronting Death and Other Existential Issues in Psychotherapy
by Irvin Yalom
Here’s a chance to have a front row seat as Dr. Irvin Yalom talks to a packed room of therapists about a topic rarely discussed in our field: death. Sharing ideas from his most recent book, Staring at the Sun Yalom shows us how to confront death in order to invigorate and enhance our own lives and the lives of our patients.

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Facing Terminal Illness: A Guide for Helping Professionals
by Satir Institute of the Southeast
Virginia Satir's model for the process of change is illustrated in this video through the story of a terminally ill patient and the hospice workers who support her through the process of dying.