Psychotherapy Videos and DVDs for Teaching, Training, Self Study and Continuing Education

Practice Management

What Works in Psychotherapy
by Scott Miller
What works in psychotherapy? In this interview by Randall C. Wyatt, Miller shares everything he knows about psychotherapy outcomes, including simple practices that significantly improves outcomes.

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The Therapeutic Relationship, Individualized Treatment and Other Keys to Successful Psychotherapy
by John C. Norcross
In this compelling interview with one of the most prominent psychotherapy researchers of our time, Dr. John Norcross presents the results from fourteen meta-analyses that reveal the secrets to successful therapy.

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Building a Successful Career in Counseling and Psychotherapy
by Sherry Smith, PhD & Susan Smith, LPC
Amid an ever-changing field, what are the most important things a beginning therapist should know? In this video, six seasoned clinicians discuss career paths, benefits and pitfalls of the work, successful business practices, and ways to prevent burnout.