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Practice Management

Lowering Fees in Hard Times: The Meaning Behind the Money
by Melissa Groman
One therapist's good, hard look at the question of negotiating therapy fees with clients.

A Psychotherapist's Guide to Facebook and Twitter: Why Clinicians Should Give a Tweet!
by Keely Kolmes
Dr. Kolmes offers firsthand insights into the uses of social media as a professional tool.

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Beyond Psychotherapy: Working Outside the Medical Model
by John A. Martin
Dr. Martin shares his reasons for leaving the insurance game.

Hollywood on the Couch
by Dennis Palumbo
An entertaining look behind the the scenes of the entertainment industry.

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Breaking Barriers to Doing Corporate Consulting
by Louis A. Perrott
"Today's most enterprising therapists are realizing that the most promising opportunities for new business lie outside of the healthcare system."

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The Empty Chair: Making Our Absence Less Traumatic for Everyone
by Ann Steiner
What happens when a therapist becomes ill or dies? Dr. Steiner provides a valuable blueprint for therapists to prepare for unexpected absence and termination.

Duped and Recouped
by Nancy Fishman, PhD and Jeffrey Kottler, PhD
Empathy and compassion generally serve us well with our clients, but aren't necessarily the skills we need to navigate the world of running a practice. This story, excerpted from Duped: Lies and Deception in Psychotherapy serves as a cautionary tale.

Trusting the Client as the Agent of Change
by Tracy A. Knight
Reflections on the client's capacity for change, including a case study of a successful single-session therapeutic intervention.

Preventing Psychotherapy Dropouts with Client Feedback
by Tony Rousmaniere
One beginning therapist shares his success with the Session Rating Scale in improving his practice.

The Whole Truth: Coping Creatively with the Dark Side of Therapeutic Practice
by Lisa Mitchell
A therapist reflects upon the dark side of the profession—stress, anxiety, and burnout—and offers helpful insights as well as activities for combating these negative states using professional community building and art making.

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Paradise Lost: When Clients Commit Suicide
by Marian Joyce*
A psychologist describes the trauma of losing a patient to suicide.

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On Quitting The Practice of Psychotherapy
by Michael Sussman
Former psychotherapist Michael Sussman discusses the perils of psychotherapy practice and the wisdom of knowing when to quit.

The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry
by Gary Greenberg
In this excerpt from his best-selling exposé, The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry, psychotherapist Gary Greenberg pulls back the curtain on the DSM's surprising evolution and deconstructs the very notion of "diagnosing" our clients.

Michael Lambert on Preventing Treatment Failures (and Why You're Not as Good as You Think)
Dr. Michael Lambert's groundbreaking work on tracking client outcomes has revealed a huge blindspot for psychotherapists: We don't notice when our patients are getting worse. But he's got the solution if you're willing to try something new.

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Scott Miller on Why Most Therapists Are Just Average (and How We Can Improve)
Scott Miller, expert researcher on what makes a good therapist, breaks down the difference between the masters and the rest of us.

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Lynn Grodzki on Building a Successful Private Practice
Psychotherapist and business coach Lynn Grodski describes the challenges that many clinicians face in private practice, and the necessary steps to building a flourishing business.