Trusting the Client as the Agent of Change

Trusting the Client as the Agent of Change

by Tracy A. Knight

Reflections on the client's capacity for change, including a case study of a successful single-session therapeutic intervention.
After thirty-three years as a psychotherapist, I find that my insights regarding human beings and the change process are becoming simpler and easier to articulate, although I cannot establish whether this phenomenon is due to mounting wisdom or to some form of affable cognitive corrosion. Regardless of their source, my accumulating insights have provided me with a true compass that allows me to approach each client with respect, purpose, and hopefulness. I’m certain many readers have experienced the same thing.
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Tracy A. KnightTracy Knight is a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois with thirty-three years of clinical experience. He received his PhD from the Fielding Institute. After practicing full-time for 24 years, in 2001 he joined the psychology faculty at Western Illinois University, where he directs the clinical graduate program and the university’s no-fee community clinic. He also is a fiction author, with two novels and over twenty short stories published to date.
Excellent example of trusting the client. MS, WIU Community Mental Health 1979
Thank you for your very clear articulation of how our assumptions of healing and the human change process make all the difference in whether we will assist our clients on THEIR journeys or try to take them on ours to no positive effect.
So sad that we rarely hear this point of view articulated!
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