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New Releases

Human Behavior and the Social Environment: (2-video set)
by Judith R. Smith
Social Work Professor Judith Smith presents these videos on the foundation of all social work training: Human Behavior and the Social Environment. This set explains both Macro and Mezzo systems and illustrates the basis of Social Systems Theory through numerous interviews.

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Ask Me About Asperger's Syndrome
by Michael Thompson Productions
Children with Asperger’s Syndrome can play a strong role in classrooms if professionals are attuned to their particular needs. In this video you’ll learn how to do this by hearing from autism specialists, teachers, parents—and those with Asperger’s themselves.

A Day in the Life of a School Social Worker
by School Social Work Association of America
Want a surefire way to know if school social work is for you? In this video you’ll get to experience a day with several school social workers and see firsthand how they support and give voice to struggling children.

Foster Parents Speak: Crossing Bridges and Fostering Change
by Photosynthesis Productions
In this compelling video, foster parents discuss the rewards and challenges of their role and offer personal insight into the complex experiences of foster children.

Living Adoption: Gay Parents Speak
by Photosynthesis Productions
In this sometimes heartbreaking, but always life-affirming, video you’ll take a journey with gay and lesbian men and women who became adoptive parents. You’ll hear their struggles of maneuvering systems along with their joy in creating a family.

Working for Social Justice: Ethics & Core Values of Social Work
by Photosynthesis Productions
In a world full of so much injustice, what motivates professional social workers? This video will show you how social work experts connect social justice and their practice for ongoing inspiration.

Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption
by Photosynthesis Productions
Transracial adoptees discuss their childhood, the identity issues which have carried through into their adulthood, and suggestions to improve the future of transracial adoptions.

Effective Safety Planning in Child Protection Casework
by Andrew Turnell
One of the more challenging jobs of a social worker is ensuring a child’s safety following in-home violence. This video takes you step-by-step through the process in an accessible and straight-forward way that includes the child’s input.

Involving Children in Child Protection Casework
by Andrew Turnell
Giving children a voice in safety planning after family violence can be tricky terrain for social workers. Andrew Turnell uses a wizard, a fairy, and three houses and gets astonishing results.

Becoming a Social Worker: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth
by Judith R. Smith
Follow several first-year social work students as they experience field placements, clients, and supervision, while learning about themselves along the way.

Social Work With Older Adults: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth
by Judith R. Smith
Under the guidance of their insightful supervisors, social work interns practice engagement, assessment, and termination skills with older clients, while also learning about the concrete needs of this population.

Creating Change: Building a Legislative Coalition
by Influencing Social Policy
Social workers can’t do it alone! In order to be at their most effective when working to influence state policy,  they must organize and sustain effective legislative coalitions.

Social Work: Practicing in a Century of Change
by Influencing Social Policy
We all know that change is inevitable. What is a social worker’s responsibility to respond to, and influence, that change? Social worker, Wendy Sherman, definitively answers that question.

Policy Affects Practice & Students/Practioners Affect Policy
by Influencing Social Policy
Does the thought of becoming active in the policy-making process fill you with dread? This video will help lessen your fears and give you specific tools to help you be a more effective advocate.

Social Workers Effecting Change: Legislative Advocacy
by Influencing Social Policy
Social workers can bring a human face to policy by taking what they witness in direct practice and bringing it to the political arena. Get some real world guidance about how to effectively advocate for laws in your state.

Social Work Advocacy: The State Budget
by Influencing Social Policy
Social workers spend a lot of time practicing within the limitations of the money allotted for their programs. It stands to reason that they should be major voices in deciding how much money their programs receive. Here’s how they can.

Making a Difference: Influencing State Policy
by Influencing Social Policy
Whether working in child welfare or gerontology, all of a social worker’s actions are rooted in policy. New students learn concrete ways they can begin influencing that policy...right now!

Policy Affects Practice (6-video series)
This six-video social work series highlights the many ways social workers can and do contribute to systemic change through legislative advocacy.

The Greying Elephant in the Room: Substance Abuse and Older Adults
by Carol Tosone
Explore the growing problem of substance abuse among older adults through this case study of a 68-year-old client struggling with alcoholism and depression.

Look Back to Move Ahead: Social Work for Survivors of Trauma
by Carol Tosone
Two vignettes portray social work students working with clients affected by trauma and learning from their supervisors how to approach the sensitive material these clients present.