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Arnold Lazarus

Arnold Lazarus on Multimodal Therapy
by Arnold Lazarus
Arnold Lazarus’s drive to produce improved clinical outcomes is evident as he explains the rationale of using a wide variety of therapeutic techniques while maintaining a behavioral theoretical framework. This unique approach, called Multimodal Therapy, is characteristic of Lazarus’s personal style of open-mindedness and pragmatism.

Part of the 8-video series: Perspectives in Behavior Therapy

Arnold Lazarus: Live Case Consultation
by Arnold Lazarus
Watch as master therapist Arnold Lazarus consults with both an experienced therapist as well as a novice, who each present real, challenging therapy cases.

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Multimodal Therapy
by Arnold Lazarus
Watch Arnold Lazarus masterfully demonstrate Multimodal Therapy in an actual therapy session in this 3-part video. 

Part of the 15-video series: Psychotherapy with the Experts

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