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Bipolar Disorder

Assessment & Psychological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
by Kay Redfield Jamison
Watch Kay Redfield Jamison, bestselling author of An Unquiet Mind and international expert on bipolar disorder, in this informative and intriguing interview that presents essential information on assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder in psychotherapy.

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Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Bipolar Disorder
by Timothy Bruce, Arthur Jongsma, Jr.
Ten to twenty percent of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder will commit suicide, and 75% of them will not be properly diagnosed within the first three years of treatment. With stakes this high, it’s essential to understand the complexities of Bipolar Disorder.  Learn how to build effective, evidence-based treatment plans in this indispensable video.

Part of the 12-video series: Evidence-Based Treatment Planning

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Managing Mania
by Brad Hagen
When working with patients experiencing mania, clear boundaries and goal-oriented communication can help you maintain control. Learn from a pro—and empathize with a novice—in this two-part video demonstrating successful treatment of manic patients.

Part of the 5-Video Series: Mental Health in Hospitals and Treatment Centers

Mental Health in Hospitals and Treatment Centers: 5-Video Series
What are the most essential skills and techniques for succeeding with patients in hospitals and treatment centers? Discover the difference between novice unskilled and expert work care for a range of severe conditions in this 5-part video series.

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