Transition Into Sports Psychology

Transition Into Sports Psychology

by Joan Steidinger

Dr. Steidinger discusses the benefits of joining the growing field of sports psychology.
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Coming Home to Sports Psychology

Sports involvement has been an integral part of my life since childhood. As a psychologist, the transition of my private practice work and teaching at University of California, Berkeley, to include sports psychology has been a natural process. When searching for a dissertation topic 18 years ago, I had considered studying marathon runners but instead chose a "practical" topic, employee assistance programs. Interestingly enough, both these areas of interest were directly impacted by my childhood experiences.
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Joan SteidingerDr. Joan Steidinger is a licensed clinical psychologist who first trained in sports psychology in the early 1980s and is currently in practice in San Francisco and Mill Valley. Her work focuses on optimal performance, injury concerns and adjustments, and personal issues with a variety of athletes and performing artists.

She has recently competed as an endurance athlete in ultrarunning, ride and tie equestrian events, and ultradistance cycling.

She may be contacted at
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