Therapy: A Poem

Therapy: A Poem

by Kerry Mulholland

A poem about the therapy experience from the vantage point of a client.
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In that billowing silence.
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Kerry MulhollandKerry Mulholland is an Edmonton writer rooted in Alberta’s soil, with loyalties divided between prairie, desert, city and sea. Her work has been published in anthologies, periodicals and chapbooks, and recorded on radio and CD. She has performed her poetry for audiences in teahouses, bookstores, jazz bars, poetry, arts and music festivals. Kerry has been an active member of Edmonton's writing community since 1997. Trained as a journalist, Kerry has worked as a writer for the Alberta provincial government, as a reporter for a small town newspaper, as a coordinator of women’s writing workshops, as a bookbinder, as a typesetter, and as a program coordinator for the Writers Guild of Alberta. She is presently the Communications Coordinator for the University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden, and is married to Edmonton poet Michael Gravel.

This is a wonderful poem that quite accurately describes the psychotherapy process from the point of view of the patient.
Helen E. Ahearn
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