Two Therapy Poems

Two Therapy Poems

by Esther W. Wright-Wilson

Poems by Esther Wright-Wilson about those unsettling moments in therapy that we can all relate to.
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“On the Way Out”

Whether it is a the end of a session or at the end of our work
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© 2012 Esther W. Wright-Wilson
Esther W. Wright-WilsonEsther W. Wright-Wilson, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who has worked primarily with college students. She loves writing, finds few things more satisfying than a well-turned phrase, and would have everyone engage in journal writing if she had her way. She has written poems for several years, and her more recent poems include ones about her experiences as a psychologist.
Delightful and humbling and so honest.
Dr. Wright-Wilson, after reading your therapy poems, I am reminded of a quote that I read from Myles Monroe which say, "The most important thing you can give in life is a word." And I usually follow that quote with...and I'm here to give you a word that says, " Your gifted-ness brings poignancy to poetry, that speaks volumes to the multitude."
Pamela L. Ward, M.A
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