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Angels in Crisis: How Mobile Crisis Intervention Changes Lives
by Bill Martin
A psychologist's poignant account of a challenging case referred by Child Protective Services while working on a mobile mental health crisis team.

Queer Couch for the Straight Girl
by Mark O'Connell
Queer therapist, Mark O'Connell, describes therapy with a heterosexual woman client, and how claiming his queerness, rather than playing a role of "expert," helped his client create a new story for her life.

Straight Life Cycle/Queer Life
by Mark O'Connell
Queer therapist and writer Mark O'Connell shares a psychotherapy vignette about navigating traditional heterosexual milestones as a gay man.

Don Clark on Psychotherapy with Gay Clients
Don Clark, the first openly gay psychologist provides thoughtful pointers on what all psychotherapists should know when working gays clients.

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James Gilligan on the Psychology and Treatment of Violent Offenders
Renowned Harvard psychiatrist and violence expert James Gilligan offers insight into working with violent offenders in prison settings. Learn about the tragic childhood origins of violent behavior, as well as the fundamental principles of psychotherapeutic treatment of forensic clients.

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