Individual Licenses are restricted licenses authorized only for personal viewing. If you intend to use our videos for group viewing, sharing, teaching, training purposes, or any institutional use, you must purchase the Group License.

Traditionally videos have been produced primarily with institutional viewers such as universities and hospitals in mind, and were priced too high for individual therapists to purchase. But we found that therapists of all types were eager to learn from our videos, so we published lower priced Individual Licenses so that they were affordable to those in private practice and other settings. 

Note that if you order the Individual License DVD or stream, you may at any time upgrade to the Group License DVD or stream by emailing us or by giving us a call at (415) 332-3232 or (800)577-4762. You will be charged the difference in cost between the two versions, and asked to return the Individual License DVD. We will then set up your group license stream or mail you the Group License of the DVD.

Group Licenses  are full licenses for  group viewing, teaching, training and institutional purposes. Group Licenses are required for orders from universities, colleges, clinics and all organizations and institutions. Most Group Licenses come with an Instructor’s Manual (if manual is available it will be indicated in the Order section), which includes complete transcript, discussion questions, role-play exercises and other teaching tools. Group Licenses include the right to use in-class or in the organization.

In order to purchase streaming Group Licenses on our Video Streaming platform, you must first request and sign a contract with For more information about streaming,  read our About Streaming page.
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