Culturally Sensitive Counseling with Latinos
by Patricia Arredondo
In our diverse society, therapists are increasingly likely to work with Latino clients but may lack a core understanding of their day-to-day experiences, worldview, and unique clinical needs. Through poignant discussion and live clinical demonstration, master clinician, consultant, and researcher Patricia Arredondo will fill the gaps in our knowledge and skills so that we may maximize our effectiveness with this population.
Patricia Arredondo is concerned that clinicians unfamiliar with the Latino experience will undermine potential alliances, miss valuable intervention opportunities, and limit therapeutic outcomes through biases and false assumptions. By watching her in a live clinical demonstration, you will learn to to put aside traditional Western individual-oriented beliefs that drive your assessment, diagnostic, and treatment practices. In their place, you will gain meaningful psychotherapeutic insights and skills that will help you to tap into the collectivism that shapes the Latino worldview.

Through incisive clinical observations and culturally targeted interventions, Arredondo will help you to adapt your own therapeutic models and techniques so that you will optimize clinical outcome with Latino clients. Introducing us to the Latino perspective rooted in “marianismo,” “machismo,” and “caballerismo,” she will both broaden your clinical understanding of this population and sharpen your clinical tools. As a result, you will ask better interviewing questions, de-pathologize your assessments, and enhance your case-conceptualization and treatment planning skills.

Formative experiences molded Arredondo’s personal and professional identity as an international expert in multicultural competency. She will model and teach you how to better appreciate and connect with your Latino clients and show you how to “be humble about what we do not know.” In so doing, she will help you to deepen your empathy with Latino clients around their unique values, religious beliefs, family dynamics, and prescribed gender roles.
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After introducing the viewer to her clinical model through a dynamic and enlightening conversation with Victor Yalom, Dr. Arredondo provides a masterful role play demonstration of her therapeutic techniques. Watch her skillfully and sensitively guide Marta, a Latina client, through a difficult set of life decisions impacted by her internalized culture-bound beliefs. It is as if we are sitting in the room alongside of Dr. Arredondo, watching and learning as she helps Marta to reconcile family-of-origin dynamics on her way to individuation and career satisfaction.

Whether a clinician or clinical educator, you will learn how to apply Dr. Arredondo’s lessons in your own psychotherapy practice to raise client awareness and move them towards fulfilling life changes. Finally, you will develop a clear appreciation for the complex impact of a client’s immigration status on their presenting problem.

By watching this video, you will:
  • identify the core clinical issues to address when working with Latino clients
  • appreciate assumptions and biases that may undermine your therapeutic effectiveness
  • develop culturally-sensitive insight and clinical interviewing skills 

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Patricia Arredondo, EdD is an extensively published Counseling Psychologist and Nationally Certified Counselor who was the first Latina president of the American Counseling Association and founding president of the National Latino Psychological Association. President of the Arredondo Advisory Group (AAG), she is considered a national expert and leader in the areas of multicultural competency development within the business and counseling fields both domestically and internationally. Her research interests are broad and along with 100 refereed journal articles, she is best known for her 2014 Culturally Responsive Counseling with Latinos (ACA Press) and Becoming Culturally Oriented: Practical Advice for Psychologists and Educators (APA Press, 2006). Arredondo is a highly sought speaker and consultant on a wide range of topics related to diversity practices and social justice. Currently, she is a Visiting Professor with Arizona State University, Fielding University Faculty Fellow and faculty with the New Leadership Academy, University of Michigan.

CE credits: 1.5

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the core clinical issues to address when working with Latino clients
  • Appreciate assumptions and biases that may undermine your therapeutic effectiveness
  • Develop culturally-sensitive insight and clinical interviewing skills
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