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Chelsea: Surrendered to the State

by Calamari Productions
After countless failed efforts, a mother makes the difficult decision to turn over custody of her volatile nine-year-old daughter to the state in an effort to get her the help she needs.

Part of the 3-video series: Children in Crisis

Chelsea: Surrendered to the State
When states intervene in childrens’ custody and living arrangements, it is usually against the will of the parents. But in some cases, parents voluntarily seek intervention from the state as a last resort to get their children the help they need.

In this video, Linda Wells appeals to the state for help with her out-of-control nine-year-old daughter, Chelsea. Linda has exhausted every other attempt to get her daughter help while living at home, and now feels she must turn over custody of Chelsea to the state to provide her with longer term help. This video follows Linda's experience through the court system as she seeks this support, and provides a glimpse into the judicial process in cases such as this.

Given Chelsea's history, the court recognizes Linda's genuine need for more intense help with her daughter. This video depicts the interventions necessary in such severe cases, and follows every part of the process from court to a residential treatment facility. Chelsea continues to exhibit serious signs of impulsiveness and hyper-emotionality. Linda's frustration and exhaustion is evident as she advocates for her daughter through the drastic measure of giving up custody.

The video follows Linda's journey as she visits a children's residential treatment facility, meets with the staff, and learns about the services available to her daughter there. Linda struggles with the emotions of this decision, but feels it is her only option to help her daughter. Chelsea is eventually seen entering the facility for the first time and moving her things into her new residence, providing viewers with an exclusive look at this highly emotional experience for both child and parent.

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In Depth
If you've worked with particularly challenging children, you understand the dilemma often faced by parents and clinicians alike. If you've wondered how such clients become wards of the state, this video will shed light on this process for you. You'll gain a better understanding of the dilemma parents face in these situations and you'll use this insight to inform your practice with such challenging families.

From watching this video, you will:
  • Learn how the judicial process works in cases involving state custody.
  • Tour a residential treatment facility and learn how they operate in working with particularly challenging children.
  • Gain an appreciation for the struggles and mixed emotions faced by parents of such challenging children, and the fragility of the children who must move out of their homes.
Length of video: 00:41:51
English subtitles available on: Stream, DVD
Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-506-8
Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-506-9
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