Psychotherapy Videos and DVDs for Teaching, Training, Self Study and Continuing Education

Older Adults

Children of the Camps: The Documentary
by Satsuki Ina
A powerful, thought-provoking video perfect for use in cultural competency and awareness classes. We are sure it will provide you and your students a deeper understanding of the impact of racism, and discussions that travel far outside the classroom.

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Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy
by Hanna Levenson
See how psychodynamic principles can be adapted for effective brief, time-limited therapy with a depressed, 74 year-old man.

Part of the 8-video series: Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorders

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Resolving Ambivalence in Motivational Interviewing
by Cathy Cole
Learn Motivational Interviewing's tools and techniques for helping clients fully explore their ambivalence as a critical part of the change process.

Part of the 4-video series: Motivational Interviewing Step by Step

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Evidence-Based Treatment Planning for Substance Use Disorders
by Timothy Bruce, Arthur Jongsma, Jr.
Addiction is one of the most challenging issues therapists face, yet so few therapists are adequately trained to work with addicts and alcoholics. Learn to build thorough evidence-based treatment plans in this video with Drs. Timothy Bruce and Arthur Jongsma, who offer expert instruction on a prevalent disorder.
Part of the 12-video series: Evidence-Based Treatment Planning

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Managing Dementia and Anxiety
by Brad Hagen
In this video, learn to work calmly and efficiently with patients experiencing the severe agitation of dementia or anxiety. Here, two vignettes contrast the differences between inexperienced and experienced providers, including a counterintuitive method for soothing dementia patients.

Part of the 5-video series: Mental Health in Hospitals and Treatment Centers

Mental Health in Hospitals and Treatment Centers: 5-Video Series
What are the most essential skills and techniques for succeeding with patients in hospitals and treatment centers? Discover the difference between novice unskilled and expert work care for a range of severe conditions in this 5-part video series.

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Social Work With Older Adults: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth
by Judith R. Smith
Under the guidance of their insightful supervisors, social work interns practice engagement, assessment, and termination skills with older clients, while also learning about the concrete needs of this population.

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The Greying Elephant in the Room: Substance Abuse and Older Adults
by Carol Tosone
Explore the growing problem of substance abuse among older adults through this case study of a 68-year-old client struggling with alcoholism and depression.

Rewarding Challenges: Social Work with Older Adults
by Caroline Rosenthal Gelman, Carol Tosone
Two illustrative vignettes show a first and second year social work student addressing common situations in cases with older clients and seeking guidance from their experienced supervisor.

A Mother Never Gives Up Hope: Older Mothers and Abusive Adult Sons
by Terra Nova Films
Take a rare inside look at a support group for mothers who have been abused by their adult sons. Each tells their individual story of how they came to understand their situation, and reclaim their life.

Person-Centered Dementia Care: Stories and Examples
by Terra Nova Films
This video explores a residential facility that celebrates older people with dementia and aids the viewer in learning to connect with people who have lost the connection to themselves.

At The Breaking Point: Family Caregiving and Dementia
by Terra Nova Films
In this video you’ll experience the most heartbreaking and joyful moments in the lives of several families caring for a loved one with dementia. Watch to see how families struggle, compromise, and learn to connect through this difficult life transition.

Self-Neglect: What We Can Learn From the Mary Northern Case
by Terra Nova Films
A pioneer case in Adult Protective Services and elder care, the life of Mary Northern, an elderly woman refusing life saving surgery, offers mental health professionals a complex exploration of the limits of self-determination.

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He Wouldn’t Turn Me Loose: The Sexual Abuse Case of 96-Year-Old Miss Mary
by Terra Nova Films
This video provides an intimate look into the traumatic story of Mary, an elderly woman abused by her adult grandson. As she bravely speaks about her experience, you’ll learn about the dynamics of elder abuse from advocates and professionals who worked with and supported Mary.