Psychotherapy for Oppositional-Defiant Kids with Low Frustration Tolerance—and How to Help Their Parents, Too

Psychotherapy for Oppositional-Defiant Kids with Low Frustration Tolerance—and How to Help Their Parents, Too

by David Rice

Dr. Rice offers a new perspective on oppositional-defiant children based on temperament, and suggests effective therapeutic interventions for both parent and child.
Childhood temperament is the elephant in the living room of child psychotherapy. Just as the influence of substance use and abuse on clients' behavior problems was often minimized by psychotherapists before the 1970s, the importance of temperament in children's behavior problems is becoming an increasingly essential part of child and family therapy.
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David Rice, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Vallejo, CA. He worked for twenty years with the Preventive Ounce, a non-profit organization in Oakland, CA that develops anticipatory guidance materials for temperament-related behavioral issues for parents and healthcare professionals. He can be reached at eMail('drice2','comcast','net') . Dr. Rice thanks members of the Benicia Therapy Group (particularly Ann Steiner, Micah Altman, and Polly Lytle and Ira Polonsky) who read earlier versions of this paper.
I thank you for your informative viewpoint on ODD. I am gearing towards an MSW. Your article aided me in clarifying some points for a paper I am currently writing. Thank you.
Thank You. I believe we are a living example of everything you have written about LFT. It is so clear to me now but was missed by me and every proffessional that saw her. It didn't help that my daughter was using drugs and alcohol and may have clouded the picture.
Terry in Cleveland
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Learning objectives:

  • Increase understanding of the relationship between low frustration tolerance and oppositional defiance.
  • Consider parents? roles in exacerbating their children?s oppositional behavior.
  • Learn guidelines for effective family therapy for ODD kids and their parents.
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