Losing Faith: Arguing for a New Way to Think About Therapy

Losing Faith: Arguing for a New Way to Think About Therapy

by Scott Miller

Psychologist Scott Miller, who has spent years researching what works in psychotherapy, details the dark days after losing his faith in the profession, and his long journey back to loving and believing in his vocation once again.
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The Taxi Ride

A few years ago, I was in Washington, D.C. for the annual Psychotherapy Networker symposium. Having finished my final presentation, I hurried through the lobby of the Omni Shorem Hotel. A huge line of people waiting for cabs quickly forms at the conclusion of the meeting. Because my connection back to Chicago was uncomfortably tight, I’d reserved a taxi the night before.
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Scott MillerScott Miller, PhD is co-founder of the Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change, a private group of clinicians and researchers dedicated to studying "what works" in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Dr. Miller conducts workshops and training, and speaks at conferences worldwide. He is the author of numerous articles and co-author of The Heart and Soul of Change: What Works in Therapy, The Heroic Client: A Revolutionary Way to Improve Effectiveness through Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Therapy, and the forthcoming What Works in Drug and Alcohol Treatment.
Thank you so much for meeting me exactly where I am. Faithless, frustrated and fed-up with the fads and sickened by the debilitating medical model. Brilliantly written and well said! Thank you!
Susan Tasker, Ph.D.
What an elightening, honest, valuable and informative article. Thank you!
Ruth Phillips
Brilliantly expressed. A MUST read!
David Bullard, Ph.D.
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  • Illustrate the importance of client feedback in successful psychotherapy treatment.
  • Understand how to combat burnout as a therapist.
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