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Kenneth V. Hardy on Multiculturalism and Psychotherapy

by Randall C. Wyatt
Hardy discusses diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice in psychotherapy...and how he was trained to be a "pretty good white therapist."
Earn 2.5 CE Credits

Psychotherapy with Alien Beings: Cultural Competence (and Incompetence) in Psychotherapy Practice

by Laura Brown
Psychologist Laura Brown critiques the limited and limiting methods so often used in psychotherapy training programs to promote cultural competence, and offers a model of intersectionality and integration that honors the full complexity of modern identities—including those of psychotherapists.
Earn 1.0 CE Credits

Transforming the Wounds of Racism: An Autoethnographic Exploration and Implications for Psychotherapy

by Saira Bains
A therapist explores her experiences of racism by investigating her family's history of racist trauma.
Earn 2.0 CE Credits

Eduardo Duran on Psychotherapy with Native Americans

by Deb Kory
Native American psychologist Eduardo Duran shares his long road to finding a place for himself and other Native Americans in the field of psychology.
Earn 1.5 CE Credits

Monica McGoldrick on Family Therapy

by Randall C. Wyatt and Victor Yalom
Renowned family therapist Monica McGoldrick reflects on the heyday of family therapy, the use of genograms, and the importance of culture, gender, and diversity.
Earn 1.0 CE Credits

Black and White Witchcraft: A Cultural Crossroads in Paris Inspires Therapeutic Innovation

by Tamar Kaim
An American psychology student reflects on her year of research at an ethnopsychiatric clinic in Paris, France.
Earn 1.5 CE Credits

Psychotherapy in China: Western and Eastern Perspectives

by Stephen F. Myler, PhD & Hui Qi Tong, MD
Earn 2.0 CE Credits