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The best teaching and training video streaming solution

Do you want to offer your students, staff and trainees instant access to an in-depth and comprehensive library of training videos?
The Streaming Service is a convenient streaming subscription service that offers anywhere anytime access to the best training in the fields of Psychotherapy, Counseling and Social Work

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For pricing and more information, contact us at or 800-577-4762.

  • Prices based upon number of users.
  • Collections offer significant discounts - up to 83% or more available; please contact us for details.
  • Titles packaged into collections to meet every need and budget. 
  • Interested in a custom collection of our titles?* We are a small and flexible company, and will work with you to accommodate your needs and budget. Please contact us for details.

* customization available only using titles from our Psychotherapy and Counseling Collection.

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Newly released Psychotherapy and Counseling titles are added to the Full Collection throughout the subscription period.

Want to know more about streaming for Institutions? Visit our About Streaming page and take a look at the demo below.

What others are saying:

“An astounding collection of psychotherapy and counseling training videos presented on an easy-to-view streaming platform. There is no excuse for any serious training program not to subscribe to the collection.”
--Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, Professor of Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; Author of Ethnicity and Family Therapy

“There’s no better way to become a great therapist than to watch great therapists in action. And there’s no better collection of great therapists on video than what’s available on In this video collection we see how therapists from the past and present use being (the relationship) and doing (technical interventions) to move clients through their problems and toward their potential. I strongly recommend this immensely helpful video collection.”
--John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD, Professor of Counselor Education, University of Montana; coauthor of Clinical Interviewing and Tough Kids, Cool Counseling

"This database would be a valuable addition to any institution training students to become mental health therapists and counselors."
--Rachael Elrod, MEd., MSLS, Head, Education Library, University of Florida, Reviewed in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

"An absolutely incredible collection featuring the leading psychotherapists and counselors of our generation, combined with a state-of-the-art user-friendly interface. Theories are invaluable, but providing students the ability to see actual counseling taking place is necessary to ensure they master the required skills. I believe the collection makes this major contribution to preparing the next generation of practitioners. I am convinced that all who use it will enhance their training outcomes for students."
--Sam Steen, PhD, Associate Professor of Counseling, George Washington University

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Library has benefited so much from having the collection in our library. Students and faculty alike have been able to access videos that until now have only been found on VHS, if at all! The ability to offer so many great and relevant videos to our students in one place at one time has really made our collection stand out. This is the best psychotherapy and counseling video collection on the market to date!
--Elizabeth Bernal, MLIS, Associate Director of Information Resources, TCS Education System

"I have to say I am very impressed by your clipping tool. The ease of highlighting a portion of a transcript to generate a clip is unsurpassed."
--deg farrelly, Media Librarian/Streaming Video Administrator, Arizona State University Libraries

" has created one of the most sophisticated video streaming sites I’ve seen in terms of functionality."
--Minal Bopaiah, reviewed in

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