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Product Title Date of Release/Update Items in Set Links in Set Catalog/Discovery Service Partners  Where to find via Discovery/Catalog Partners Latest Update at Partners' Databases (# of records)
Social Work Collection3-14-184141OCLC
WorldCat/ WorldShare® Collection Manger (WCM)

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and Global Knowledge Base
Summon Discovery Service

Primo Central Index

OCLC WCM - Social Work

EBSCO EDS Social Work

Summon Discovery Service  - 
ADYYW - Social Work Collection

Primo Central Index - Social Work Collection

SkyRiver - ask representative, single titles only
New Releases Only
on-goingClick link to download records for the new releases recently added to your collection.    
MARC Records Key by ID#4-17-19All titles listed    
Social Work Collection Title List3-14-1841 titles listed    

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