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MARC Records FAQ

Downloadable MARC records files

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Product Title Customers Live Product Status MARC Set Status Source Type Available Item Records Items Links in Records Latest Update
Essential Collection 
(50 Titles)
  AllProduct is site-specificSet to be gathered by site; use Single MARC Records Files and MARC Records Key located on Essential Collection webpageVideo Select 50 out of 3755010-11-21
Expanded Collection (100 Titles)
  AllProduct is site-specific Set to be gathered by site; use Single MARC Records Files and MARC Records Key located on Expanded Collection webpageVideo Select 100 out of 37510010-11-21
Social Work Collection  AllUpdated
Full Collection  All GrowingGrowingVideo33433410-11-21
Exclusive Collection  All  GrowingGrowingVideo22322310-11-21
New Releases only  All GrowingNew sets added as titles are released; sorted by release date.Video 1110-11-21
Single Titles*  All GrowingGrowingVideo37537510-11-21
*Single Titles contain MARC Records from both the Psychotherapy & Counseling Collection and the Social Work Collection.

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