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Jeffrey Kottler on Being a Therapist

by Rebecca Aponte and Victor Yalom
Prolific writer, professor and psychologist Jeffrey Kottler imparts his wisdom and a healthy dose of humor, curiosity and unflinching honesty about the therapist's actual experience in the room with cilents.
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John Arden on Brain-Based Therapy

by Rebecca Aponte
The outspoken author of Brain-Based Therapy discusses the value of integrating therapeutic approaches, including neuropsychology, nutrition, exercise, CBT, motivational interviewing, and the therapeutic alliance.
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Louis Cozolino on the Integration of Neuroscience into Psychotherapy—and its Limitations

by Sudhanva Rajagopal
Psychologist and neuroscience researcher Louis Cozolino describes the many twists, turns and theoretical orientations he's traversed in his over four decades in the field, the need for psychotherapists to be less passive, and the applications of neuroscience to psychotherapy both now and in the future.
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Trusting the Client as the Agent of Change

by Tracy A. Knight
Reflections on the client's capacity for change, including a case study of a successful single-session therapeutic intervention.

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving

by Pete Walker
In this excerpt from his newly-released book, Pete Walker offers therapists an accessible, compassionate and refreshingly de-pathologizing framework for treating clients whose childhood abuse and neglect have created lifelong suffering and instability.
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The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

by Bessel van der Kolk
Read an excerpt from the highly acclaimed new book by world renowned trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk, MD.

Thomas Moore on the Soul of Psychotherapy

by Deb Kory
Drawing upon his background in religion, psychology and the arts, Care of the Soul author, Thomas Moore, shares about the wisdom of creating a "psychotherapy of one's own."
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Losing Faith: Arguing for a New Way to Think About Therapy

by Scott Miller
Psychologist Scott Miller, who has spent years researching what works in psychotherapy, details the dark days after losing his faith in the profession, and his long journey back to loving and believing in his vocation once again.
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Tara Brach on Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Awakening

by Deb Kory
Buddhist meditation teacher and clinical psychologist, Tara Brach, PhD, discusses her evolution as a clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher, the painful illness that inspired her latest book, her commitment to help heal the planet and to love life—no matter what.
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Diana Fosha on Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

by Polly Ely
AEDP founder Diana Fosha discusses the journey that led her to create a new model of psychotherapy, the strong community support that ties the AEDP community together and how men have traditionally gotten a bum rap in couples therapy.
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John Sommers-Flanagan on Clinical Interviewing and the Highly Unmotivated Client

by Victor Yalom
Clinical Interviewing expert, John Sommers-Flanagan, offers strategies for the initial stage of therapy and tips for engaging the resistant client.
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Brad Strawn on Integrating Religion and Psychotherapy

by Greg Arnold
Psychologist and Christian theologian, Brad Strawn, discusses the "new conversations" happening around the integration of religion and psychology, and the need for clinicians to work through their biases and fears about bringing religion into the therapy room, since "so many people believe in some kind of God."
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Bessel van der Kolk on Trauma, Development and Healing

by David Bullard
Internationally acclaimed clinician, educator and researcher Bessel van der Kolk, shares some observations from his 40-year passion for understanding and treating people who have experienced trauma.
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Lynn Ponton on the Challenges and Joys of Working with Teens

by Rachel Zoffness
Teen expert Lynn Ponton, MD, shares wisdom from over three decades of working with children and adolescents, and describes how technology has changed the life of teenagers and those who work with them.
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Ronald Siegel on Integrating Mindfulness into Psychotherapy

by Deb Kory
Mindfulness expert and psychotherapist, Ronald D. Siegel, shares his insights about how—and when—to integrate mindfulness practices into psychotherapy.
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Are High-Risk Clients Suitable for Online Psychotherapy?

by Anastasia Piatakhina Giré & Joseph Burgo, PhD
Two psychotherapists seasoned in long-distance Skype therapy discuss the unique challenges—and advantages—to treating high-risk clients online.