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Judith Grisel on Addiction, Neuroscience and Choice

by Lawrence Rubin
Neuroscientist Judith Grisel shares her research and wisdom on the impact of drugs on the brain and paths away from addiction.
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Anna Lembke on the Opioid Epidemic

by Deb Kory
Psychiatrist and addiction expert Anna Lembke discusses the sharp rise in opioid addiction and deaths, the doctors who have enabled it, and what clinicians can do to help.
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Stephanie Brown on Treating Addictions in Psychotherapy

by Randall C. Wyatt and Victor Yalom
Stephanie Brown discusses treating alcoholism, chemical dependency and other addictions in psychotherapy.
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Drug Dealer, MD: How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop

by Anna Lembke
In this excerpt from Anna Lembke's book, Drug Dealer, MD, she illustrates the dangers early access to prescription opioids can have even for kids who are not at high risk for addiction.
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Alan Marlatt on Harm Reduction Therapy

by Rebecca Aponte and Victor Yalom
The founder of Harm Reduction Therapy talks about meditation, college drinking, 12-step programs, and the limitations of abstinence-only interventions.
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Cathy Cole on Motivational Interviewing

by Victor Yalom
An expert MI trainer and practitioner discusses the foundations and applications of Motivational Interviewing. Learn how MI can be used with clients struggling with addiction and PTSD, and get a sneak peek into the MI training process.
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Advanced Harm Reduction: Managing Intoxicated Clients

by Dr. Stanton Peele & Dolores Cloward
Clinician Stanton Peele and Coach Dolores Cloward challenge the notion that abstinence is the best policy for those with substance use disorders.

Janelle Johnson on College Counseling

by Lawrence Rubin
Janelle Johnson helps us to understand the complexities and challenges of counseling college students.

The Family Research Project: A Summary

by Stephanie Brown
Renowned substance-abuse specialist Stephanie Brown discusses effective therapeutic interventions for families of alcoholics during the recovery process.
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John Arden on Brain-Based Therapy

by Rebecca Aponte
The outspoken author of Brain-Based Therapy discusses the value of integrating therapeutic approaches, including neuropsychology, nutrition, exercise, CBT, motivational interviewing, and the therapeutic alliance.
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Who's Listening? Smartphones and Psychotherapy

by Maggie Mulqueen
Maggie Mulqueen asks fellow therapists to consider the good, bad and ugly of client cell phone use in session.

Caring for those Who Care for Our Pets

by Fay Roseman and Christine Sacco-Bene
Explore the unique mental health challenges that veterinarians face and identify opportunities for proactively supporting those who care for our pets.

Successful Intervention with a Family Impacted by Treatment-Resistant BPD

by Daniel Lobel
Work more effectively with teens with Borderline Personality Disorder by being consistent, setting boundaries, and allying with parents.

Confessions of a Student Counsellor

by Andrew Dib
Counselors can most definitely benefit from the age-old adage “Healer, heal thyself!”

Truth and Fiction in Psychotherapy

by Keith Fadelici
Therapists can best serve their clients by listening for their realities rather than pursuing elusive truths.

Our Masturbation Machines

by Anna Lembke
In this excerpt from Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence, Anna Lembke introduces us to Jacob, who, like many of our clients, struggles with his own unique form of over-overconsumption.

The Realm of Our Industry

by Larisa A. Garski, MA, LMFT & Justine Mastin, MA, LMFT
Knowing the evolution of the mental health industry can prepare clinicians for what may be its rocky future.