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The Path to Wholeness: Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy

by Natalie Rogers
Therapist Natalie Rogers shares an overview of this growing field of humanistic psychotherapy.
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The God of Hellfire Will See You Now

by Matt Wolff
How often does a proto-Goth heavy metal rock star become a psychotherapist?

The Whole Truth: Coping Creatively with the Dark Side of Therapeutic Practice

by Lisa Mitchell
A therapist reflects upon the dark side of the profession—stress, anxiety, and burnout—and offers helpful insights as well as activities for combating these negative states using professional community building and art making.
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Violet Oaklander on Gestalt Therapy with Children

by Rafal Mietkiewicz
The founder of Gestalt therapy with children and adolescents discusses therapeutic relationship building with kids and teens, the unique rewards of introducing expressive arts therapy techniques, and the challenges of being sufficiently directive in working with children.  
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Maria Gonzalez-Blue on Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy

by Victor Yalom
An expressive arts therapist discusses the person-centered foundations of her work, and recounts transformative experiences with individual clients as well as in groups and international settings.
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