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John Arden on Brain-Based Therapy

by Rebecca Aponte
The outspoken author of Brain-Based Therapy discusses the value of integrating therapeutic approaches, including neuropsychology, nutrition, exercise, CBT, motivational interviewing, and the therapeutic alliance.
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Counseling Gifted Clients: Journeys through the Rainforest Mind

by Paula Prober
Working with gifted clients is a challenging and fascinating opportunity to appreciate those with a “rainforest mind”.

Russell Ramsay on Attending to ADHD in Adulthood

by Lawrence Rubin
 Improve your transdiagnostic outcomes by paying attention to ADHD during the assessment and treatment of adult clients. 
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In the Shadow of COVID, It’s Play Therapy to the Rescue

by Jennifer Baggerly
Researcher, educator, and child clinician Jennifer Baggerly leads a child from the shadow of COVID’s isolation to connection and security through play.