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James Bugental on Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy

by Victor Yalom
The late existential-humanistic psychotherapist James Bugental reflects on his life and work. His insistence on therapist and client presence predated the current interest in mindfulness and psychotherapy.
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Psychotherapy Isn't What You Think: Bringing the Psychotherapeutic Engagement into the Living Moment

by James Bugental
In this exclusive excerpt from his book, renowned existential-humanistic psychologist Jim Bugental reflects on his philosophy of psychotherapy.
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In Search of Self: My Therapy with Rogers, Satir, Bugental, Polster, Yalom, & Maslow

by Deb Hammond
A psychotherapy student assembles her dream team for guidance toward self-actualization.
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Existential-Humanistic Therapy in the Age of COVID-19 in Vulnerable Populations

by Robert Gordon
Discover how Existential-Humanistic therapy techniques can be used as a catalyst for hope when working with clients who are struggling with the anxiety and fear left in COVID’s wake.