How can I stream your videos?
All of our videos are now available for streaming on the Video Streaming Platform. Just select the Stream option with the correct license when you order the product. You will be able to view the video instantly as soon as your order has been placed. For more information about Streaming,  read our About Streaming page.
This video is not what I expected, and I don't want it. Can I get a refund?

We are committed to only selling the highest quality educational videos in the field. Please note that we do NOT offer returns on Streams.

Please read our return policy carefully before proceeding with your return. 
I did not find what I was looking for. How often do you add new titles to your list of videos for sale?
We are always in the process of updating our catalogue of videos and making the best psychotherapy videos out there available to you. You can help us with this. If you don’t see something you would like to see, if you have a suggestion, or if you know of a video title that you would like to be available on the site, please contact us.
What is the difference between Solo practitioners and Multi-users solutions?
Solo practitioners solutions  are restricted to viewing by individual mental health professionals who are going to watch the video privately.

Multi-user solutions are for universities, colleges, clinics and any institution and are licensed for group viewing. Most  come with a training manual that includes discussion questions, tips for watching, and a complete transcript. Please read our full description of the two versions.
What if I buy the solo practitioner version and then decide I want to show it to my Intern Group/class?

> If you have purchased an solo practitioner Stream
Please give us a call. We can upgrade your account to a multi-user account and give you access to the stream. You will be charged only the price difference between the 2 options.

> If you have purchased a course
Give us a call or email us. Our courses are priced per user but we offer discounts for multi-user organizations

For all information, email or call 1-800-577-4762.
Do your videos have English language subtitles or captions?
All of our streaming videos have English language subtitles, which can be turned on or off.  Note that we use the terms subtitle and captions interchangeably; technically speaking, captions are slightly different, and may include descriptions of other sounds (e.g. door slamming); our videos don't include that, but just include text of dialogue. We provide these for those with hearing impairment, as well as those who are non-native English language speakers.

Ordering Information

My credit card keeps getting declined, but I know it works. What do I do?
First, check with your credit card company to make sure your card is working. Sometimes institutional credit cards (i.e., from a college or university) will have a block on them for use in internet orders. The principal of the card can call the credit card company and have this block removed. If this is not the case, try a different card if you have one. If all else fails you can email us at
Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we accept purchase orders from American and Canadian colleges, universities, institutions and organizations. For other international purchase orders, we require payment in U.S. dollars in advance in the form of a check or money order. Of course, you can also place your order online with a credit card. To submit a purchase order, please contact us at .
I want to add, change or delete items from my order. How do I do this?
 If you want to change or delete an item, email us at or call us at (800) 577-4762 ASAP and we’ll take care of it for you.


What kinds of content do you take submissions for?
We accept submissions of high-quality well-written articles, book chapters, and shorter pieces like poetry and movie reviews all related to psychotherapy, as well as psychotherapy humor.
What are the guidelines for submitting articles for publication on
Please see our Guidelines for Submitting Articles to for detailed information. We suggest looking over the types of articles already published on to see what types of articles we are interested in.
How do I make a writing submission?
Please email us with your article, idea, or questions at

Web site

I am experiencing technical problems on your website. Who should I contact about this?
If you experience any technical difficulties while browsing or ordering  DVDs, reading articles and interviews or browsing any other pages, please contact us at
I have produced and/or sell psychotherapy training video(s) and would like them to be sold on this website. How do I go about doing that?
Please contact our president, Victor Yalom, and will be in touch with you to tell you how this process works.
Can someone please explain to me this cartoon on your website. I don't get it. Who writes this dribble?
Victor Yalom is our staff humorist. You can send him your feedback.


What’s the story with
In 1995 psychologist Victor Yalom videotaped one of his mentors, James Bugental, PhD conducting psychotherapy sessions. He felt fortunate to have studied with Dr. Bugental, wanted to preserve his work for future generations of therapists, and thus made the video available to other professionals.  One thing led to another, and was born. Psychotherapy is rather unique in that students and practitioners rarely have a chance to observe their mentors or teachers (imagine a dental student reading books about how to do a filling, then finally being told to go do one, and then meet later with a "supervisor" to debrief how it went!). Our videos are designed to help fill that gap in learning and training. is committed to producing and publishing the best training videos in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, and addiction treatment.  We are proud of our selection and spend a good deal of time (and yes, money) screening, developing and producing new videos that you will find relevant, useful, educational and enjoyable to watch. We started with VHS, moved on to DVDs, and then in 2013 launched our video streaming service, including subscriptions to universities and other institutions. In 2014 we launched a Netlfix-style subscription service for individual therapists featuring over 200 video titles.

In addition or our videos, we publish a free online magazine with interviews of well-known experts in the field, many of which are featured in our videos, and articles and blogs comprised of distinctly non-academic writing from psychotherapists around the globe.  Plus, check out our therapy cartoons, drawn by none other than our founder and CEO.
You guys are awesome! How can I get involved?
Though we have a limited number of jobs and funds, we are always looking for new people to inspire us or spice up the website. If you have any brilliant ideas, please e-mail Victor Yalom.


CE Tests approval offers Continuing Education credits with most of our articles, interviews and videos, at an additional cost. Psychotherapists (Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Counselors) and other mental health professionals with a variety of levels of experience will benefit from these tests. We are approved for a wide variety of professional associations and boards. See our CE Approvals list  for detailed information about the boards and associations that have approved us.
Please note that the instructors that appear in our videos have been compensated for their participation.
Home-study and on-line credits
Our Continuing Education tests are approved for home study and online CE Credits. Most associations and boards allow all or part of CE credits to be obtained online or in home study tests. See our CE Approvals List and check with your board to find out the details.
Purchasing CE Credits for video, articles and interviews
You can purchase the CE Credits directly from the article, interview or video page, or go to our Continuing Education home page and browse our list of CE Tests by type of test and topics.You can order one or more at a time or purchase a Special CE Package for discounts on credits.
Saving with our CE Points Discount Packages
You can save up to 45% per CE by purchasing our Special CE Points Packages. Purchase 10, 20 or 40 credits at once, the more you buy, the more you save. Points are valid indefinitely and you can use them at your own pace and mix and match any type of CE Course that captures your fancy. Each package gives you 10, 20 or 40 CE points (1CE point= 1 CE Credit= 1 CE hour) that you can redeem at checkout . You simply need to be logged-in to your account and when you select “add to cart” for the CE course of your choice, our system will automatically deduct the number of points from your account and keep track of how many credits you have left.
Taking your test
Taking your test is very easy. Just log-in to your account which you set up when you made your first order for CE tests. Click on the "CE test" tab and you will see the list of tests you have selected as well as a link to any additional materials you may have to download and study prior to taking the test. Study the material at your own pace and once you are ready, click on the test title and take your test on-line. You need a score of at least 75% to pass (do not worry, if you do not pass the test the first time, you may retake it until you pass for no additional charge).
Printing your Certificate of Completion
Once you have passed your test, you will be able to access and print your Certificate of Completion from your account. Simply go to “CE certificates” tab and select the certificate you want to print. We keep your certificates in your account indefinitely, so you can print them whenever it is convenient to you. You can use the certificate to complete the CE paperwork required by your board. does not submit any documentation to licensing boards.
CE tests for groups
To purchase CE tests for a group of students, interns, or counselors please contact us directly. We are glad to arrange this for you, and our tests offer wonderful opportunities for group learning. Please call us at (800) 577-4762, or email us at
Purchasing a CE test for a friend or colleague
You can make a purchase for someone else, but it must be ordered in THEIR name and using their email address. Each order is associated with one email address and password, and that address/password is the user’s access to the online test. You cannot share your online access with another person because the information printed on your Certificate of Completion is connected with your email address. If you want to purchase CE for someone else, make a separate order and use their email address in the ordering process. That way, they can access their test and receive a correct Certificate of Completion when the time comes.
Ordering a CE test for a video I purchased previously
If you purchase a video and decide later that you want to get CE credits for watching it, you can order the CE test separately on our web site. Go to the video page for the item and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see an option in the order box that allows you to purchase the CE test. 
Refunds will provide a 100% refund if you are dissatisfied with the CE products or materials. A request for refund must be made (1) within 60 days of purchase of the CE test, and (2) prior to taking the test post-test. Refunds are not available once you have taken a CE test, whether or not you passed. 
Feedback on CE Tests
We want to hear from you. After you complete the test, we ask that you fill out an online Test Evaluation. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us. We count on your feedback to provide the best programs that we can. 
Special accommodations for disabilities
If you need special accommodations for your disability, please contact us at, or by telephone: 800 577-4762 (U.S. only) or 415-332-3232. We will respond to inquiries within 72 hours. 
Lost passwords
If you have lost your account password, go to the log-in screen on our web site. You will be able to enter your email address and click the link "forgot your password." Your password will be emailed to you.

Shopping Cart

My credit card keeps being declined but I know it works. What do I do?
First, check with your credit card company to make sure your card is working. Sometimes institutional credit cards (i.e., from a college or university) will have a block on them for use in Internet orders. The principal of the card can call the credit card company and have this block removed. If this is not the case, try a different card if you have one. If all else fails you can email us at
How do I change or delete items from my order?
If you want to change or delete an item, email us at or call us at (800) 577-4762 ASAP and we’ll take care of it for you.