Welcome to Psychotherapy.net. Since 1995 we have been producing and distributing the highest quality training DVDs in the field of psychotherapy, and we think you will find these to be incredibly useful in the training of students and therapists. Additionally, we publish Articles, Interviews, Blogs, and Cartoons (all free of charge!) that make excellent educational resources—many of the therapists on our videos are also featured in interviews on this website.

Training therapists (and therapists-to-be) poses unique challenges. Unlike almost every other profession, students rarely have the chance to view their mentors or teachers actually doing psychotherapy. Watching master psychotherapists in action on video is probably the next best thing. The opportunity to view actual sessions, and to hear leading experts discuss their thoughts behind their interventions is invaluable. Videos also capture the critical non-verbal aspects of therapy, including body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and the rhythm of the therapist-client interaction. And of course you can freeze the action at any point to discuss the subtleties of the therapeutic process. If you haven’t previously incorporated videos for into your teaching, I encourage you to see for yourself how useful they are.

If you are using our videos for teaching or training purposes, be sure you purchase the Group License, which is licensed for teaching, training, and all institutional use. Most Group Licenses come with an Instructor’s Manual (this will be indicated in the Order box for that particular title), which includes complete transcript, discussion questions, role-play exercises and other teaching tools. Group Licenses include the right, in perpetuity, to use in-class or in your organization. For more information about streaming our videos on the Psychotherapy.net Video Streaming platform, please read our About Streaming page.

I have personally selected every video we offer, so I can assure you of their overall quality and relevance. However, to increase the odds that what you are ordering will meet your teaching and training needs, please consider phoning or emailing us prior to purchase. Our small staff knows our video titles very well, and we enjoy the chance to speak with you to help you select the most useful titles for your purpose; I try to answer the phone myself when I can. And just in case our videos don’t meet your expectations, we offer a full refund (although honestly we rarely get returns).

Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions on how we can better support you in your educational programs.


Victor Yalom, PhD
President and Founder