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Setbacks in Psychotherapy

by David Jobes
Explore how to use therapeutic setbacks as powerful learning opportunities for both clinician and client.  

Usha Tummala-Narra on Living Multicultural Competence

by Lawrence Rubin
Clinician and researcher Usha Tummala-Narra addresses the challenges of not only practicing, but of living multicultural competence. 

Working in the Here-and-Now of the Therapeutic Relationship

by Nancy Gunzberg
Working in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship requires therapists to be fully engaged, and take risks in revealing themselves. But utilizing the transference and counter-transference makes for rewarding and powerful therapy.
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It's Over Now: Termination and Countertransference

by Melissa Groman
A therapist explores the complex feelings that arise when a client terminates abruptly.
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Countertransference: How Are We Doing?

by Peter Allen
Self-care, while helpful, is not the royal road to countertransference management.

When the Therapist Loves and Hates

by Chris Peterson
Psychotherapist Chris Peterson makes a strong case for welcoming all of our intense feelings—both loving and hateful—into the therapy process with clients to deepen the therapy relationship and its healing potential.

Confessions of a Student Counsellor

by Andrew Dib
Counselors can most definitely benefit from the age-old adage “Healer, heal thyself!”

Whiteness Matters: Exploring White Privilege, Color Blindness and Racism in Psychotherapy

by Margaret Clausen
Explore White privilege in the psychology profession and the importance of confronting it with education, curiosity & humility.
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Jude Austin on Wisdom for Counseling Students and Educators

by Lawrence Rubin
Counselor educator/clinician Jude Austin offers wisdom and survival tips for both student and teacher from the trenches of graduate school.
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When the Therapist Leaves: A Personal Account of an Unusual Termination

by Amy Urdang
A psychotherapist explores client-therapist boundaries and termination issues in a particularly intensive course of therapy.
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Countertransference to Sexual and Developmental Trauma in the Psychoanalysis of a Disabled Patient

by Roberta Satow
At the fascinating and complex intersection of polio, psychoanalysis and sexuality, healing begins.

Responding to an Immediate Negative Transference

by Roberta Satow
A psychoanalytic psychotherapist wrestles with her analysand’s challenging negative transference.

How Self-Disclosure of Learning Differences Guides My Clinical Relationships

by Benjamin Meyer
Benjamin Meyer believes that disclosing his struggles with learning differences to clients has strengthened his therapeutic relationships.

Clinical Wisdom: A Psychoanalyst Learns from his Mistakes

by Herbert Rabin
Dr. Rabin shares lessons culled from 40 years of psychotherapy teaching and practice.
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How a Missed Therapy Session and Self-Disclosure Led to Therapeutic Gains

by Kevin Naidu
After accidentally missing a session, a therapist uses the here-and-now to repair the ruptured bond with his client and in doing so, opens the door to deeper insight.