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Makungu Akinyela on Testimony and the Mattering of Black Therapy

by Lawrence Rubin
In this riveting interview with scholar and clinician, Makungu Akinyela, we learn the matters of Black therapy and that Black Therapy matters.

My Romance with Narrative Letters: Counter-Storying Through Letter Writing

by Kay Ingamells
A creative clinician shares her romance with – and successful use of – narrative letter writing in therapy to deepen the therapeutic bond with her clients.

Spitting Truth from My Soul: A Case Story of Rapping, Probation, and the Narrative Practices- Part I

by Travis Heath
In part one of Spitting Truth from My Soul, Narrative Therapist Travis Heath and his client “Ray the Philosopher” use rapping to forge a bond of connection and hope.

Spitting Truth from My Soul: A Case Story of Rapping, Probation, and the Narrative Practices- Part II

by Travis Heath
In part two of “Spitting Truth from My Soul”, Narrative Therapist Travis Heath and his client Ray The Philosopher continue their healing beat. 

A Small Hope: Co-creating a Narrative of Grief – Part I *

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
In the shadow of grief, Sasha Pilkington helps a couple embrace the gift of life along with their impending loss.

A Small Hope: Co-creating a Narrative of Grief - Part II

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
Following the loss of her husband, a client finds her way back to living fully for herself and her children through narrative storytelling.

Dialogue 1: How Do We Define Collaborative Writing?

by Daniel X. Harris and Trish Thompson
In the spirit of Irvin Yalom’s “Every Day Gets a Little Closer,” a therapist and her client share the richness of the therapeutic journey through collaborative writing.

Travis Heath on Psychotherapy as an Act of Rebellion

by Lawrence Rubin
Join’s editor Lawrence Rubin in a fascinating conversation with clinician/educator/author Dr. Travis Heath as they deconstruct and rebuild the practice of psychotherapy. 
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Deciding How to Die: Narrative Therapy in Palliative Care with Someone Considering Stopping Dialysis

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
Working with dying clients demands that clinicians honor their choices and desires in end-of-life care.
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Michael Hoyt on Brief and Narrative Therapy

by Victor Yalom
Hoyt discusses brief and narrative therapy, working within managed care, and why some stories are better than others.
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Providing Culturally Sensitive Narrative Therapy and EMDR to Original Peoples

by Juliette Jacobs & Linda Moxley-Haegert
A culturally sensitive therapist connects deeply with an indigenous client, using Narrative Therapy techniques and EMDR to support her in healing herself and her community. 

Narrative Therapy in a Cross-Cultural Conversation with Someone Approaching Death

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
Bridging the distance between herself, a Pakeha" New Zealander, and her client, a Maori" New Zealander, Sasha McAllum Pilkington shows how relationships can mean the difference between life and death.

David Nylund on Narrative Therapy, Curiosity and Queertopia

by Lawrence Rubin
David Nylund takes us to the intersection of Narrative Therapy, subversion and a vision of queertopia.
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The Story is Everything

by Peter Allen
Learn how to tap into the power of your clients' stories to promote meaningful change and deepen the therapeutic bond.

Imagined into Agency: Goth Lolita Comes to Life

by Chelsey Morton
A creative Narrative therapist helps a lonely, depressed client liberate herself from lifelong depression through poetry and imagination.

Gardening Narratives and Storyliving Ones Life

by Adriana Müller
A Brazilian narrative therapist takes us on a journey through a lush garden of metaphors she uses in her clinical work to add enthusiasm and imagination to her questions.

Sasha McAllum Pilkington on Grace and Storytelling at the End of Life

by Lawrence Rubin
Narrative Clinician, Sasha McAllum Pilkington, shares poignant stories she co-created with hospice clients which honor and celebrate their lives.