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New Releases

The War Within: Youth Depression
by Educational Video Center
This video presents an honest look into the experiences of black and Latino young people living with depression. Candid interviews of real patients and expert professionals illustrate the struggle these youths face in families and communities often blind to mental health matters.

Through the Eyes of a Child: Reducing the Trauma of Child Removal
by Tam Communications
This straightforward teaching tool addresses the little-discussed process of removing children from their homes when they are in serious danger. It offers the essential facts and the dos and dont's of handling these very delicate situations.

Behind Closed Doors: Children Who Witness Violence
by Victoria Women's Transition House Society
This eye-opening video offers strong clinical information on how children are affected by witnessing violence, and outlines useful interventions proven to be effective in the healing process.

Skills in Youth Suicide Prevention
by Iris Educational Media
This excellent training tool is a must-see for clinicians and non-clinicians alike who deal with students every day, providing step-by-step strategies and clear instructions to address suicidal behavior in teens.

Families and Mental Illness: Speaking from Experience
by Sane Australia
Hear several caretakers talk candidly about their family members' mental illness and how they have found support in their most challenging times.

At The Breaking Point: Family Caregiving and Dementia
by Terra Nova Films
In this video you’ll experience the most heartbreaking and joyful moments in the lives of several families caring for a loved one with dementia. Watch to see how families struggle, compromise, and learn to connect through this difficult life transition.

Inside the Juvenile Justice system: Rodrick's Initial Hearing
by Calamari Productions
Witness 17-year-old Rodrick in his initial hearing after a drug relapse has taken off the road to rehabilitation.

Inside the Juvenile Justice System: Rodrick's Disposition Hearing
by Calamari Productions
See the final outcome of Rodrick's legal battle in this disposition hearing that will determine his fate.

Children in Crisis (3-video series)
Witness three different families as they journey through the juvenile justice and foster care system with their social work and mental health care teams.

Juvenile Justice in Action (2-video set)
by Calamari Productions
Take a front row seat to the court proceedings for a 17-year-old who had a drug relapse following a year of working toward rehabilitation. Witness how the mental health profession can be a voice for clients in a punitive justice system.

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Chelsea: Surrendered to the State
by Calamari Productions
After countless failed efforts, a mother makes the difficult decision to turn over custody of her volatile nine-year-old daughter to the state in an effort to get her the help she needs.

Part of the 3-video series: Children in Crisis

Melissa: Teen Mother in Foster Care
by Calamari Productions
Watch the intense struggles of a fifteen-year-old girl living in a foster home with her medical needs infant as she learns how to care for her daughter and returns to school.

Part of the 3-video series: Children in Crisis

Group Therapy for Addictions: An Interpersonal Relapse Prevention Approach
by Devin Ashwood & Tim Leighton
Group therapy is a powerful and widely used modality in recovery programs, but too often group leaders lack a coherent and effective clinical framework. This video program will show you how to harness the interpersonal power of groups to work successfully with clients struggling with addictions.

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Joshua: When Anger Turns to Violence
by Calamari Productions
Get an unprecedented look inside the juvenile justice system as you watch a thirteen-year-old boy's real juvenile hearing after assaulting his mother.

Part of the 3-video series: Children in Crisis

Human Behavior and the Social Environment: (2-video set)
by Judith R. Smith
Social Work Professor Judith Smith presents these videos on the foundation of all social work training: Human Behavior and the Social Environment. This set explains both Macro and Mezzo systems and illustrates the basis of Social Systems Theory through numerous interviews.

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Ask Me About Asperger's Syndrome
by Michael Thompson Productions
Children with Asperger’s Syndrome can play a strong role in classrooms if professionals are attuned to their particular needs. In this video you’ll learn how to do this by hearing from autism specialists, teachers, parents—and those with Asperger’s themselves.

A Day in the Life of a School Social Worker
by School Social Work Association of America
Want a surefire way to know if school social work is for you? In this video you’ll get to experience a day with several school social workers and see firsthand how they support and give voice to struggling children.

Foster Parents Speak: Crossing Bridges and Fostering Change
by Photosynthesis Productions
In this compelling video, foster parents discuss the rewards and challenges of their role and offer personal insight into the complex experiences of foster children.

Living Adoption: Gay Parents Speak
by Photosynthesis Productions
In this sometimes heartbreaking, but always life-affirming, video you’ll take a journey with gay and lesbian men and women who became adoptive parents. You’ll hear their struggles of maneuvering systems along with their joy in creating a family.

Working for Social Justice: Ethics & Core Values of Social Work
by Photosynthesis Productions
In a world full of so much injustice, what motivates professional social workers? This video will show you how social work experts connect social justice and their practice for ongoing inspiration.