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Seven Mistakes in Clinical Supervision and How to Avoid Them

by Daryl Chow, PhD
Clinician, researcher and author Daryl Chow asks us to consider what really works in clinical supervision and how therapists and counselors can optimize client outcomes in the process.

Is Private Equity Coming for Your Therapy Practice? An Interview with Joe Bavonese

by Lawrence Rubin
Joe Bavonese discusses the potential implications of private equity investments in therapy practices and offers tips on how therapists and counselors can be prepared.
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Travis Heath on Psychotherapy as an Act of Rebellion

by Lawrence Rubin
Join’s editor Lawrence Rubin in a fascinating conversation with clinician/educator/author Dr. Travis Heath as they deconstruct and rebuild the practice of psychotherapy. 
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The Imprisoned Brain: Psychotherapy with Inmates in Jail
by Sudhanva Rajagopal
Sudhanva Rajagopal, a clinical psychology graduate student, ponders our animal nature as he relates the poignant complexity of working with inmates in jail.

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