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Avoiding Burnout Traps: Managing the Conflict between Empathy and Exhaustion

by David Prucha, LPC
A seasoned clinician explores how caring too much can lead to exhaustion, and offers suggestions for avoiding common burnout traps.

Thomas Doherty on Ecopsychology and the Ethical Imperative of Ecotherapy

by Lawrence Rubin
Clinical and environmental psychologist, Thomas Doherty, invites – or better yet, compels – clinicians to bring concerns about the natural world into therapy.

Donald Meichenbaum on Coping with Loss and Traumatic Bereavement

by Lawrence Rubin
Join renowned clinician and researcher Donald Meichenbaum in a riveting and very personal conversation with our editor, Lawrence Rubin, on grief, trauma, bereavement, and resilience.


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Whiteness Matters: Exploring White Privilege, Color Blindness and Racism in Psychotherapy
by Margaret Clausen, PsyD
Explore White privilege in the psychology profession and the importance of confronting it with education, curiosity & humility.
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