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Daryl Chow on Reigniting Clinical Supervision

by Lawrence Rubin
Clinician, researcher and author Daryl Chow teaches us how to reignite the fire of supervision in order to improve client outcomes.
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Countertransference: How Are We Doing?

by Peter Allen
Self-care, while helpful, is not the royal road to countertransference management.

Seven Mistakes in Clinical Supervision and How to Avoid Them

by Daryl Chow
Clinician, researcher and author Daryl Chow asks us to consider what really works in clinical supervision and how therapists and counselors can optimize client outcomes in the process.

My Romance with Narrative Letters: Counter-Storying Through Letter Writing

by Kay Ingamells
A creative clinician shares her romance with – and successful use of – narrative letter writing in therapy to deepen the therapeutic bond with her clients.

When the Therapist Turns Out to be Human

by Paula Bamgbose-Martins
A Black female therapist learns important lessons while working at the intersection of gender, race, and racism with her clients.

The Tao of Direction: Structure and Process in Clinical Supervision

by Jay Reeve
Therapist Jay Reeve offers advice on balancing structured, direct instruction and process-oriented exploration in supervision sessions with new therapists.
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Victor Yalom on Psychotherapy and the Pursuit of Mastery

by Lawrence Rubin’s founder, entrepreneur, artist, and psychotherapist Victor Yalom shares insights learned and applied from working with the masters.
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Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy

by Tony Rousmaniere
Psychotherapy researcher and clinician Tony Rousmaniere teaches us that 10,000 hours of psychotherapy doesn’t make you an expert; focused deliberate practice is the path to excellence.

Brian McNeill on the Art of Supervision

by Greg Arnold
Psychologist and supervision expert Brian McNeill explains his developmental approach to supervision, the challenges that all therapists face while learning their craft, and what supervisors can and must do to support beginning therapists in navigating these challenges.
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The Whole Truth: Coping Creatively with the Dark Side of Therapeutic Practice

by Lisa Mitchell
A therapist reflects upon the dark side of the profession—stress, anxiety, and burnout—and offers helpful insights as well as activities for combating these negative states using professional community building and art making.
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Paul Wachtel on Therapeutic Communication

by Ruth Wetherford
One of the leading voices in integrative thinking in the field of psychotherapy, and the author of Therapeutic Communication: What to Say When, Paul Wachtel argues passionately for avoiding the traps of rigid ideology and pseudoscience that continue to hold sway in our profession.
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How to Master the Art of Developing Your Therapeutic Voice

by Michael Alcee
Effective psychotherapy requires that the clinician find their true voice, much like the artists’ journey.

What’s the Limit? Maintaining and Understanding Boundaries in Psychotherapy

by F. Diane Barth
Psychotherapist F. Diane Barth takes a critical look at boundaries, both personal and therapeutic, as an essential ingredient to healthy relationships.

The Realm of Our Industry

by Larisa A. Garski, MA, LMFT & Justine Mastin, MA, LMFT
Knowing the evolution of the mental health industry can prepare clinicians for what may be its rocky future.