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Kenneth Doka on Grief Counseling and Psychotherapy

by Victor Yalom
A leading expert on grief counseling and therapy, discusses how understanding individual grieving styles is essential to grief counselors and all therapists helping clients deal effectively with loss.
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That Tipsy Session: The Power of Self-Disclosure

by Anastasia Piatakhina Giré
Help your clients move from shame to self-acceptance by accepting your own personal vulnerability.

What Remains: The Aftermath of Patient Suicide

by Margaret Clausen
Psychologist Margaret Clausen shares poignantly about the loss of her client to suicide,  the steps she took to heal her grief, and the isolation and shame that many clinicians needlessly suffer in the wake of client suicide.
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The Therapist Mourns His Mother's Death: Being With Clients While Heartbroken

by Bob Livingstone
Therapist Bob Livingstone offers grieving therapists advice about the effects of mourning upon therapeutic practice.
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Motivational Interviewing in End-of-Life Care

by Ellen Young
A social work intern grapples with a situation that would challenge even an experienced clinician: helping a loving wife decide whether to stop feeding her dying husband of 64 years.
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Unlocked: Online Therapy Stories

by Anastasia Piatakhina Giré
In an excerpt from “Unlocked: Online Therapy Stories,” Anastasia Piatakhina Giré shares intimate reflections on her work with Laila, whose harrowing escape to freedom is a tale of personal empowerment and the power of connection.

Why I Hate Alzheimer’s

by Christine Hammond
Reflecting upon personal experience, therapist Christine Hammond takes us into the personal and professional world of working with Alzheimer’s Disease.

A Matter of Death and Life

by Irvin D. Yalom, MD & Marilyn Yalom, PhD
In this excerpt from A Matter of Death and Life, Irvin Yalom speaks from the depths of pain over losing his beloved wife and co-author, Marilyn; not only to fellow therapists but to all of us who have lost loved ones. 

Trauma and the Reproductive Story

by Janet Jaffe
Clinician Janet Jaffe works with clients who have experienced traumatic reproductive loss, helping them to rewrite their narrative on the road to healing.

Grief and Gratitude: Working with Stroke Survivors

by Carol Howard Wooton, MFT & Gwyn Fallbrooke
After suffering from a stroke herself, a therapist recounts her journey from patient to professional, culminating in her leading  groups for other stroke survivors.
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Encounters with Suicide: A Psychotherapist Remembers Not to Forget

by Catherine Ambrose
A psychotherapist treating a suicidal client struggles with memories--and forgetting--of suicide in her own family.

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving

by Pete Walker
In this excerpt from his newly-released book, Pete Walker offers therapists an accessible, compassionate and refreshingly de-pathologizing framework for treating clients whose childhood abuse and neglect have created lifelong suffering and instability.
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Francine Shapiro on the Evolution of EMDR Therapy

by Ruth Wetherford
EMDR therapy originator Francine Shapiro describes the components of the psychotherapy and the latest research supporting its efficacy for a wide range of mental health issues.
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Healing Conversations: Giving Life to the Life of a Person Who Died by Suicide*

by Linda Moxley-Haegert
A compassionate therapist gently and skillfully guides suffering parents through the shadow of their son’s suicide.
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Addressing Countertransference in Grief Counseling

by F. Diane Barth
A therapist shares her experiences working with two grieving clients and how attending to countertransference improved her ability to help them address anger and pain

How to Help Clients Change the Narrative of Aging

by Bill Randall
By viewing aging as an adventure, gerontologist William Randall offers alternative narratives to counselors and clinicians working with older adults.

Wrapped in Care: Narrative Therapy in the Time of COVID

by Kay Ingamells
A clinician uses Narrative Therapy to work within a client’s native culture while counselling her through the painful grief of losing her grandmother to COVID.

A Shared Diagnosis: Managing Breast Cancer Together

by Maggie Mulqueen
What clinical choices does a therapist have when both they and their clients are navigating cancer treatment?

A Small Hope: Co-creating a Narrative of Grief – Part I *

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
In the shadow of grief, Sasha Pilkington helps a couple embrace the gift of life along with their impending loss.

A Small Hope: Co-creating a Narrative of Grief - Part II

by Sasha McAllum Pilkington
Following the loss of her husband, a client finds her way back to living fully for herself and her children through narrative storytelling.

Donald Meichenbaum on Coping with Loss and Traumatic Bereavement

by Lawrence Rubin
Join renowned clinician and researcher Donald Meichenbaum in a riveting and very personal conversation with our editor, Lawrence Rubin, on grief, trauma, bereavement, and resilience.

Coming Full Circle: Helping a Young Couple Through Their Grief

by Liz Tingley
A therapist who lost a sibling during childhood shares her sense of gratitude when she has an opportunity to help parents who are grieving the loss of their own child.

Terminally Ill Pediatric Patients and the Grieving Therapist

by Sara Loftin
A pediatric clinician shares the rewards and challenges of working with terminally ill children and their families.

Thomas Doherty on Ecopsychology and the Ethical Imperative of Ecotherapy

by Lawrence Rubin
Clinical and environmental psychologist, Thomas Doherty, invites – or better yet, compels – clinicians to bring concerns about the natural world into therapy.