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Mary Jo Barrett on the Collaborative Treatment of Incest and Complex Developmental Trauma

by Lawrence Rubin
Join internationally renowned expert Mary Jo Barrett in a riveting conversation with our editor, Lawrence Rubin, on the collaborative treatment of incest and complex developmental trauma.

Molyn Leszcz on Group Psychotherapy

by Victor Yalom
Molyn Leszcz, co-author (with Irvin Yalom) of the 5th edition of The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, discusses the core principles and techniques of this powerful but underutilized modality.
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How to Use Play Therapy in Prisons to Create Hope

by Kevin Hull
A therapist shares his experiences with The Play in Prison Project, and how play therapy fostered growth and created hope for one group of incarcerated men.

Irvin Yalom on Existential Psychotherapy and Death Anxiety

by Ruthellen Josselson
Irvin Yalom reflects on instrumental moments in his career as a psychotherapist and writer. This excerpt from his biography, Psychotherapy and the Human Condition, begins with him recalling his first case presentation in medical school.
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Rick Miller on the Clinical Challenges of Working with Gay Sons, Mothers, and Families

by Rick Miller
Psychotherapist Rick Miller discusses the challenges and benefits of working with gay men and their mothers.

Brooke Sheehan on Psychotherapy Behind Bars

by Lawrence Rubin
Psychotherapists working either within or outside of prison walls can learn important lessons for helping currently and previously incarcerated clients from Brooke Sheehan.
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Grief and Gratitude: Working with Stroke Survivors

by Carol Howard Wooton, MFT & Gwyn Fallbrooke
After suffering from a stroke herself, a therapist recounts her journey from patient to professional, culminating in her leading  groups for other stroke survivors.
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The Tao of Anger Management: A Yield Theory Approach

by Christian Conte
Anger management expert, Christian Conte, PhD, describes his unique and highly effective approach to teaching and counseling violent offenders.
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The God of Psychoanalysis

by Simon Yisrael Feuerman
A psychotherapist shares the agonies and ecstasies of being in psychoanalytic group therapy and asks: Is psychoanalysis a religion after all?

Working with Teens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Donna C. Moss
While shepherding her own children through adolescence, Donna C. Moss soon realized that working therapeutically with teens was a whole different challenge.

How Self-Disclosure of Learning Differences Guides My Clinical Relationships

by Benjamin Meyer
Benjamin Meyer believes that disclosing his struggles with learning differences to clients has strengthened his therapeutic relationships.

How an Anti-Tech Group Therapist Became a True Believer

by Sean Grover
A self-professed techno-dinosaur share the lessons he learned evolving to meet the demands of online group therapy.

Teaching Prisoners to Lead Grief Support Groups

by Helene Chen, M.D & Marilyn A. Mendoza, PhD
A talented and compassionate clinician teaches prison inmates innovative support group methods to comfort their terminally ill peers.