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Insoo Kim Berg on Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

by Bart Rubin and Victor Yalom
The founder of Brief Solution-Focused Therapy discusses why she stopped killing rats, how she developed her unique style of doing therapy, and what she has learned along the way.
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Michael Hoyt on Brief and Narrative Therapy

by Victor Yalom
Hoyt discusses brief and narrative therapy, working within managed care, and why some stories are better than others.
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Cathy Cole on Motivational Interviewing

by Victor Yalom
An expert MI trainer and practitioner discusses the foundations and applications of Motivational Interviewing. Learn how MI can be used with clients struggling with addiction and PTSD, and get a sneak peek into the MI training process.
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Hanna Levenson on Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy

by Randall C. Wyatt and Victor Yalom
Dr. Levenson lays out the principles for Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP), and discusses how to make every session count.
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Spencer Niles on the Latest Developments in Career Counseling

by Greg Arnold
Career counseling expert, Spencer Niles, offers poignant insights from his more than three decades helping people find their calling.
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