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Rick Miller on the Clinical Challenges of Working with Gay Sons, Mothers, and Families

by Rick Miller
Psychotherapist Rick Miller discusses the challenges and benefits of working with gay men and their mothers.

Sue Johnson on Emotionally Focused Therapy

by Victor Yalom
Emotionally Focused Therapy founder Sue Johnson discusses the attachment underpinnings of EFT, the approach's core techniques, and the new science of love.
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Esther Perel on Mating in Captivity

by Lori Schwanbeck
An unorthodox couples therapist discusses her multicultural, questioning approach to Western notions of romance, the enshrinement of the emotionally exclusive marital relationship, and how sex relates to intimacy and freedom.
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John Gottman on Couples Therapy

by Randall C. Wyatt
The preeminent couples therapy researcher John Gottman discusses what works in couples therapy, what makes for happy marriages, and what he learned from his own marriage.
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On the Continuum of Real to Imagined Abandonment

by Pamela Garber
A therapist’s personal struggles can provide a roadmap not only for their own growth, but for that of their clients.

Need Management Therapy: A Clinical GPS for Couples Work

by Robert N. Johansen
Discover a new tool for navigating a successful, safe therapeutic route through the volatile atmosphere of couples therapy.

Jill Scharff on Object Relations Therapy with Couples

by Rafal Mietkiewicz
Psychotherapist and object relations expert, Jill Scharff, distills pearls of wisdom from her extensive career working with couples and families.

Dan Wile on Collaborative Couples Therapy

by Ruth Wetherford
The founder of Collaborative Couples Therapy discusses the power of negative thinking, the pleasure of being non-defensive, and other strategies for effective couples therapy.
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Keeping or Ending Commitments, Excerpted from The Ethical Lives of Clients: Transcending Self-Interest in Psychotherapy

by William J. Doherty
In this excerpt from The Ethical Lives of Clients: Transcending Self-Interest in Psychotherapy, William Doherty helps therapists address their client’s relational ethical dilemmas.
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Let’s Meet in the Middle

by Bill Macaux
Bill Macaux combines his executive coaching and clinical experience with Penberthy’s Interpersonal Circumplex to help a professional couple struggling to free themselves from the pull of family of origin issues.

Therapy with a Condom On

by Lori Gottlieb
A therapist confronts a clinical imbroglio when she discovers her own therapist is treating her client’s spouse.

Full Container

by Sylvia Johnson
Couples therapy can unlock and heal the deepest of pains, those related to the loss of a child.

Susan Heitler on Couples Therapy

by Randall C. Wyatt
Susan Heitler outlines how she integrates conflict resolution techniques into couples therapy, the importance of intervening quickly, and what she means by being "pro-marriage."
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Stan Tatkin on a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy

by Ruth Wetherford
Dr. Tatkin discusses the goals and methods of a psychobiological approach to couples therapy, including its foundations in attachment theory and developmental neurobiology, and its emphasis on arousal regulation as a dyadic interaction.
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Lonnie Barbach on Sex Therapy

by David Bullard
Renowned author, psychologist and sex therapist Lonnie Barbach discusses the early days of discovery in the human sexuality field, her pioneering work with preorgasmic women, and addressing sexual issues in individual and couples therapy.
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How to Focus on Emotions to Help Volatile Couples Reconnect

by Blake Griffin Edwards
Therapeutic empathy and an emotional focus are a powerful blueprint for successfully counseling volatile couples.

My, How Couples Therapy has Changed! Attachment, Love and Science

by Sue Johnson
Renowned family therapist Sue Johnson discusses Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) in light of new research on attachment in adult love relationships.
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Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships

by Sue Johnson
In this excerpt from her most recent book, Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships, EFT founder Sue Johnson offers tools for couples and their therapists to repair wounded bonds and navigate the cycles of disconnection and reconnection that can make—or break—relationships.
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Getting Off to a Powerful Start in Couples Therapy

by Ellyn Bader
Dr. Bader, a renowned couples therapist, gives an overview of essential first steps in therapy with every couple.
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Assessing Partner Abuse in Couples Therapy

by Albert Dytch
Learn how to spot the often subtle signs of partner abuse in couples therapy, and how to take effective action. This article includes the author's Abusive Behavior Inventory as a free download.
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Gottman and Gray: The Two Johns

by Hara Estroff Marano
One is the gold standard; the other the gold earner. Take a wild guess which is which.