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Our Hungry Selves: Women, Eating and Identity

by Kim Chernin
Famed feminist and psychotherapist, Kim Chernin, discusses her work with women, body image and eating disorders over the past 40 years. Not surprisingly, eating disorders are at an all time high in our culture. She discusses what has changed and what seemingly never will.
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Robin Rosenberg on Treating Eating Disorders

by Rebecca Aponte
A psychologist specializing in eating disorders discusses etiology, cultural factors, and treatment options for eating disordered clients and patients.
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Eda Gorbis on Body Dysmorphic Disorder

by David Bullard
A renowned expert on obsessive compulsive and body dysmorphic disorders discusses the nature of the little-understood diagnosis of BDD, successful treatment methods, and resources for therapists whose clients suffer from these often debilitating symptoms. 

Tara Brach on Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Awakening

by Deb Kory
Buddhist meditation teacher and clinical psychologist, Tara Brach, PhD, discusses her evolution as a clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher, the painful illness that inspired her latest book, her commitment to help heal the planet and to love life—no matter what.
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Margo Maine on the Eating Disorder Epidemic Among Middle-Aged Women

by Deb Kory
Psychologist and eating disorder expert Margo Maine discusses the silent epidemic of eating disorders among middle-aged women, the collaborative feminist model she uses to treat them, and the limits of the medical model of treatment.
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