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Lynn Ponton on the Challenges and Joys of Working with Teens

by Rachel Zoffness
Teen expert Lynn Ponton, MD, shares wisdom from over three decades of working with children and adolescents, and describes how technology has changed the life of teenagers and those who work with them.
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The Story is Everything

by Peter Allen
Learn how to tap into the power of your clients' stories to promote meaningful change and deepen the therapeutic bond.

Finding the Goldilocks Zone: An Antidote to Black-and-White Thinking

by Jeremy Shapiro
In the spirit of Goldilocks, clinicians can help clients find their way to thinking styles that are “just right.”

Long-Term Psychotherapy and BPD, Part 2: A Dialogue on Trust

by Daniel X. Harris and Trish Thompson
Return to the intriguing therapeutic dialogue between Trish and Anne as they deepen bonds of trust, using humor and their unique relationship for healing and growth.
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Successful Intervention with a Family Impacted by Treatment-Resistant BPD

by Daniel Lobel
Work more effectively with teens with Borderline Personality Disorder by being consistent, setting boundaries, and allying with parents.

Stephen Schueller on the Power and Promise of Mental Health Apps

by Lawrence Rubin
Mental health apps offer many promises, but there are warning signs to be heeded.
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