We offer our videos for solo practitioners who wish to upgrade their skills, as well as for organizations that wish to offer our videos to multiple users.

Solo Practitioners: We offer low pricing for therapists, counselors, and other behavioral health professionals who wish to access our videos for personal viewing. You are authorized to watch our videos over and over, but in order to offer this pricing, we request that you not share these videos with others. In a nutshell, you are paying for access for yourself only. If you wish to use these videos for teaching or training purposes, or to watch in a group setting, read below. If you purchase a video for personal viewing, but wish to use it for groups, you may upgrade by emailing us or phoning us at 415-332-3232.

Multi-User Organizations: This option is available for universities, training institutes, clinics, practitioner groups, and any other organizations. Our state-of-the-art streaming platform allows for multiple users to watch simultaneously, and access these courses anytime, anywhere. Pricing for streaming access is based on number of users. Most of our video titles come with an Instructor’s Manual when purchased for multiple users. For more information about streaming, read our About Streaming page.