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Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals, Volume II: Dual Relationships, Boundaries, Standards of Care and Termination

by Stephen Feldman
A pragmatic, informative and entertaining video offering solutions to the common ethical dilemmas that mental health practitioners face. 

    Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals, Volume II: Dual Relationships, Boundaries, Standards of Care and Termination
    Did you know…
    • Good recordkeeping is what can help you the most if a complaint is brought against you by your licensing board?
    • Ethical rules vary by licensing board and state when it comes to such vital issues as confidentiality and privilege?
    • What makes a boundary crossing a boundary violation, and when that violation becomes unethical and exploitive?
    • The different standards of care as treatment provider and evaluator?

    Volume II of this series addresses ethics, and the particular concern of being investigated by one’s licensing board for an alleged violation. Specifically, these four lively discussions between a psychologist, lawyer and journalist cover such murky matters as: bartering, boundaries, touch, self-disclosure, gifts, multiple-member clients such as couples and families, the initiation of treatment, breaches in confidentiality, ending treatment, electronic records, HIPAA, client debt, client suicide and a clinician’s death. Presented by Stephen Feldman, an expert in mental health law, this video lays out simple changes all clinicians can make to protect themselves and their practice. This is an invaluable resource that will dispel doubts and fears, enabling therapists to practice more confidently.

    Watch Volume I on confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn .

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    "Provides an excellent update on ethics. It addresses some of the thorniest issues in a very engaging manner. An excellent resource for both the training of students and the continuing education for practitioners! I plan to recommend it to my students and colleagues."
    Ronald Levant, PhD, ABPP - 2005 President American Psychological Association, Professor of Psychology, Univ. of Akron

    "Provides a wealth of information on important issues every therapist's faces, and does so in a conversational, engaging, and professional manner. I am particularly impressed with the in-depth analysis of these critical topics and how the complexity of each is addressed. This video, and its accompanying Instructor's Manual, appears to me to be the most comprehensive material anywhere on ethics in the helping professions."
    Samuel T Gladding, PhD - 2004-5 President, American Counseling Association, Professor, Wake Forest Univ.

    "This program does a good job of distinguishing between clinical, ethical and legal concerns as well as the differences between various federal, state and professional codes. In addition, various theoretical perspectives are considered with an emphasis on consistency between theoretical stance and clinical interventions. The use of vignettes is effective in presenting the issues in a meaningful and memorable way, while the dialogue captures the complexity of the issues and allows for the presentation of multiple perspectives. Rather than codifying absolutes, the presentation emphasizes the various elements that should be taken into account when facing an ethical dilemma, including the importance of consultation. Useful for instructors teaching legal and ethical considerations in professional practice as well as students and interns studying for licensing exams."
    Deborah Harkin, PhD - Academic Coordinator, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

    "After watching Stephen Feldman’s two-volume video set, Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals, viewers will feel that they’ve been to a very good risk management workshop. They will have been exposed to a wide range of issues: confidentiality, privilege, boundaries, the elements of malpractice, and others. They will have gotten basic definitions
     as well as some wonderful insights into how courts and licensing boards make decisions."
     - Mitchell Handelsman, PhD, reviewed APA PsycCritiques
    In Depth
    CE Test
    This video is ideal for classrooms, clinical trainings, and licensed clinicians completing their CE requirement.

    From watching this video, you’ll be able to:

    • Explain different forms of dual relationships and boundary crossings and the complexities they can bring to your practice.
    • Define exactly who your client is, what your role is in the therapeutic relationship, and what legal and ethical obligations you have towards your client.
    • Describe the different purposes, forms and benefits of recordkeeping, and ethical procedures for ending and referring treatment.
    Length of video: 3:11:00
    Number of Discs: 2
    English subtitles available on: Stream, DVD
    This DVD plays in All Regions
    Individual ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-208-5
    Individual ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-208-2
    Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-207-7
    Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-207-5
    Stephen FeldmanStephen Feldman, JD, PhD, is an attorney and psychologist who has practiced and taught both law and psychology from Harvard in the east to Seattle University in the west. He holds a law degree from Harvard and a psychology degree from the University of Nebraska. He has lectured extensively on the law and ethics of mental health practice at conferences and in academic settings. His numerous articles and books include the Washington state volume of the American Psychological Association's series, Law & Mental Health Professionals (co-author). He currently is on the faculty of the University of Washington School of Medicine, and in private practice consulting with counseling services and individual practitioners on legal and ethical problems that arise in the course of practice. He was named the "Distinguished Psychologist" for 2006 by the Washington State Psychological Association.

    See all Stephen Feldman videos.
    I bought this DVD to fill my CE requirements and was surprised to find that I enjoyed it. Presenting ethical and legal issues as a conversation between a lawyer, a psychologist, and a journalist was brilliant!
    Jan Lisonbee, PhD, Portland, OR
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    CE credits: 6
    Learning objectives:

    • Discuss different forms of dual relationships and boundary crossings and the complexities they can bring to your practice.
    • Define exactly who your client is, what your role is in the therapeutic relationship, and what legal and ethical obligations you have towards your client.
    • Describe the different purposes, forms and benefits of recordkeeping, and ethical procedures for ending and referring treatment.