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Our Psychological Crisis: Making Sense of the American Psychological Association's Collusion with Torture

Posted by Deb Kory, PsyD on 7/28/15 - 5:38 PM
The recently released Hoffman Report, the independent investigation conducted by former Inspector General of Chicago David Hoffman into the American Psychological Association's (APA) collusion in the torture of prisoners at Guantanamo and other CIA "black sites," has sent shock waves through the psychology profession, whose members are not at all happy to be the public face of torture in America. Listservs around the country are erupting with consternation and outrage, with demands for accountability and justice and reform and cries...
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Posted by Anastasia Piatakhina Gire on 6/23/15 - 2:56 PM
There are places I’ll remember all my life. —I was born in a small Russian town, a very cold and dirty place. This was one of the first things Anna shared about herself in a long introductory email reaching out to me for online psychotherapy. In this description of her native town, I could sense her sad childhood: a lack of emotional warmth and possibly some neglect. The way people describe their early surroundings usually tells something significant about their life story. We developed early...

Je T'aime...Me Neither

Posted by Anastasia Piatakhina Gire on 5/5/15 - 7:27 PM
This couple therapy session was the last chance before Anna and Guy’s upcoming wedding in Paris. They had reached out to me for a premarital counselling session via Skype, knowing that I was working with mixed couples. Their situation, as Anna exposed it to me in her short email, needed to be addressed with some urgency: they were due to get married in the town hall of Guy’s native Paris within two weeks, and Anna still had serious doubts about her...

Losing the Couch: Finding the "Sacred Place" in Online Therapy

Posted by Anastasia Piatakhina Gire on 4/28/15 - 7:29 PM
I clearly remember my very first visit to my British psychotherapist. She used to receive her patients in her conservatory. Her dogs sometimes got impatient and produced considerable clatter, which I could clearly hear from inside the house. The front door would be unlocked. Clients just had to push the gate to get through an unkempt garden into the peculiar therapy room. She would be already comfortably sitting there in the same old chair, and a flowery cup of tea...

Psychotherapy in the Year 2045

Posted by Howard Rosenthal, EdD on 4/21/15 - 1:10 PM
According to Ray Kurzweil, futurist extraordinaire, the singularity is approaching at the speed of Jimmy John's delivery. The technological notion of the singularity asserts that computers, robots, and related super-intelligent machines will reach a stage when they match and then exceed the capabilities of human beings. When will the singularity occur? Ray has his calendar marked for 2045, so I should have the majority of my credit card bills polished off by then. Now, of course, we could dismiss Kurzweil's predictions...

Creative Writing as Psychotherapy

Posted by Bridget Holding, MA on 3/5/15 - 1:15 PM
“An interesting fusion.” That’s what my project Wild Words was once called by a fellow psychotherapist, and yes, he was looking down his nose at me. But I’ve discovered a huge demand for the fusion of body-based, nature-based, and narrative therapy, via which I help people to find creative flow in their lives. Here’s one recent example. A stooped 17 year-old man came to me. He had a mop of black hair and smelled of spirits. There were tensions in the...

In Search of the Perfect Private Practitioner

Posted by Howard Rosenthal, EdD on 2/4/15 - 9:58 AM
It all began in my undergraduate abnormal psychology class after I made the curious observation that our faithful professor was absent for each and every one of our exams. The professor's pattern of behavior struck me as odd. I leaned over and asked a fellow student who worked as a teacher's aide what he knew about this since I figured he might just have the inside scoop. My cohort whispered, "You really don't know. The guy is in private practice and...

Why Some Therapists Always Get Their Books Published

Posted by Howard Rosenthal, EdD on 12/23/14 - 4:28 PM
It's a shame for you not to write a book when many therapists do it so easily. The problem: Most psychotherapists know about as much about the publishing business as they do about building a nuclear power plant. When I listen to therapists talk about writing their first book I generally hear something like, "Gee, I'd like to write a general, counseling, psychotherapy, or self-help book." Let me assure you that the general counseling, psychotherapy, or self-improvement books are some of the...

Bad Therapy: Let's Talk About Torture...Wait, What????!!!

Posted by Deb Kory, PsyD on 12/16/14 - 11:12 AM
Well, this blog got awfully serious quick. I was going to write this one about addiction and alcoholism—not the lightest topic either—but with the release of the Torture Report, also known as the Senate’s highly-redacted executive summary from the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program, I realized it would be morally remiss of me not to take this brief hot minute when the public eye is trained on this issue to share some information with...
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What every therapist needs to know about the new natural remedies for mental health

Posted by Howard Rosenthal, EdD on 10/15/14 - 11:57 AM
Yesterday I was doing some research at a local library. A bus full of middle school children on a field trip was letting the students out in front of me. I made my way around the facility for a good twenty minutes when I overheard a frustrated woman struggling with her computer. She bolted from her computer terminal and marched up to a librarian and asked her for technical assistance. "I don't have a clue," the librarian candidly responded, "go ask...
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