The Dark Intruder

The Dark Intruder

by Esther W. Wright-Wilson
Psychotherapist-poet Esther Wright-Wilson muses about the moment an insect intrudes on a therapy session.
Filed Under: Humor
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"The Dark Intruder"

I saw it out of the corner of my eye
The inch long, dark intruder
Moving along the floor of my office

I am distracted
But not because my instinctive response is to scream
Or seek higher ground
(Such as a chair or tabletop)
When confronted by an intruder such as this one or its kin
My instinct is to squash it like the bug it is

This time, however, the intruder is allowed to live to crawl another day
Because its invasion occurs during a therapy session
And I am pretty sure there is no way springing from my chair
And squashing a bug while my client is in mid-word
Can be considered a therapeutic response

© Esther Wright-Wilson, 2013
Esther W. Wright-Wilson Esther W. Wright-Wilson, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who has worked primarily with college students. She loves writing, finds few things more satisfying than a well-turned phrase, and would have everyone engage in journal writing if she had her way. She has written poems for several years, and her more recent poems include ones about her experiences as a psychologist.