41 video titles addressing the fundamentals and core competencies of social work practice.

Designed to augment classroom learning and prepare students for field placements, this carefully curated collection brings to life the following topics via candid video footage of clients, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

Each video comes with Instructor's Manual, searchable transcript, and clip-making function.


 42 Titles Covering Areas Such As...

  • Child Abuse and Child Protection Casework
  • Aging, Dementia, and Elder Abuse
  • Adoption and Foster Care Issues
  • Multicultural and LBGT Issues
  • Mezzo and Macro Systems
  • Legislative Advocacy and Coalition Building
  • Criminal Justice
  • Mental Illness
  • Youth Depression and Suicide
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Facing Terminal Illness
  • First Client and Supervision Sessions

Cutting Edge Video Teaching Solution...

  • Flexible, 24/7 anywhere access
  • State-of-the-art easy to use video streaming platform
  • Runtime 26+ hours
  • 64% discount off list price



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What others are saying:

“Just as social workers find themselves as witness, guide and advocate in people’s lives, this video collection beautifully tells the stories of social workers and those whom we serve with respect, clarity and best practice guidelines. Whether you are in a school setting, child welfare, or supporting families with members who are dealing with dementia or autism, there is a wealth of information and plenty to generate thought and discussion. Faculty, students, practitioners and agencies who want to grow and deepen their professional capacity and skills will find these videos engaging, diverse, practical and, social work sourced. Enjoy!"

--Jay Lappin, MSW, LCSW, Adjunct Faculty, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University